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Creating and setting up Smart 1:1s
Creating and setting up Smart 1:1s

Smart 1:1s are a powerful to automatically manage your recurring 1:1 meetings. Here's how to set them up.

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You can create Smart 1:1s as well as convert your existing 1:1 meetings to put your recurring one-on-one meetings on autopilot, meaning they will schedule and reschedule around both you and your attendee's preferences and availability. This guide will cover how to create a Smart 1:1 as well as set your preferences for it.

Creating a Smart 1:1

First, head over to Smart 1:1s and click the + New Smart 1:1 button:

From here, you'll see a few form fields to fill out. We'll walk you through each section below:

Attendee details, title, description

  • Email address: Here, you'll enter in the email of the attendee to send a one-time invitation to get the Smart 1:1 set up. Generally if your 1:1 is with another member of your organization, they won't need to sign up for Reclaim in order for Reclaim to schedule the meeting. Learn more about who can be invited to a Smart 1:1 here.

  • Title: by default, Reclaim will use your name and the attendee's name to set the title of the 1:1. Uncheck the box to enter in your own title.

  • Description: you can add a description to the 1:1 that will be included in all recurring meetings. This is useful for a link to a rolling agenda or notes.


  • Duration & frequency: This determines how long you'd like the meeting to scheduled for, as well as how frequently you'd like to meet. Reclaim will automatically keep track of when your last meeting was to ensure you get the proper amount of space between each 1:1.

  • Hours: You can choose in which time ranges you want to be available for Reclaim to schedule your meeting. Choose between your Working, Meeting, or Personal Hours (predefined in your Hours settings), or set Custom Hours for your Smart 1:1 with specific days you want the meeting to be scheduled on and/or multiple time ranges for a single day. You can also manage hours for the invitee to resolve low-overlap meetings.

  • Starting: By default, Reclaim will schedule 1:1s ASAP, but you can override this value and have the 1:1 start scheduling at another date.

  • How should Reclaim schedule it? You can opt to just have Reclaim find the best time across you and your attendee's meeting hours, or you can select a specific set of days and times that are available (this will still honor you and your attendee's meeting hours, just with a smaller range of eligible times).

  • Ideal day and time: Reclaim will attempt to schedule the 1:1 as close to your ideal day and time as possible while still honoring your mutual availability and preferences.

Other details

  • Videoconferencing: You can opt to set no location, or add Zoom or Google Meet. This will automatically add videoconference details for your 1:1 meetings.

  • Location: If you want to use a physical location or paste in a videoconferencing link manually, you can do so here.

  • Send a note? This is an optional field to send a note to your attendee when the meeting invite is sent for the first time.

Last but not least: click Create 1:1. An invite will be sent to your attendee and the 1:1 will be scheduled. You can also copy and send an invite link to them directly from the details page for the 1:1:

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