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How to set your timezone in Reclaim

Reclaim uses your timezone settings from Google Calendar by default. Here's how to update them via Google Calendar Settings or via Reclaim.

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How timezones work in Reclaim

By default, Reclaim will automatically follow whatever your Google Calendar timezone is set to for the primary calendar of your main account email. It will use this timezone for scheduling your events. You can override this timezone and set it to your liking via your Hours settings, or you can opt to keep the default and let Reclaim continue following Google Calendar's settings.

While Reclaim uses this timezone setting for scheduling, it instead uses your browser's local timezone to display events in the Planner. For most people, these timezones will be the same -- however, in some cases (e.g., if you're managing a Reclaim account for someone in a different timezone) they may be different.

If your local timezone and your scheduler timezone are different, you will see them listed as two separate columns on the lefthand side of your Planner.

Setting your timezone

Using the default setting from Google Calendar

By default, Reclaim uses Google Calendar to set your timezone and follows it when it changes. You can confirm if this is enabled for your account by going to Hours. If you see the Google icon and Google calendar listed, you are using the default setting:

To update or confirm your timezone that's being set by Google Calendar, navigate to your Google Calendar settings for the main account email that you use to login to Reclaim. From Google Calendar, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and then go to General > Time zone.

Edits are automatically saved and updated in Reclaim.

Setting your timezone manually (recommended)

If your timezone in Google Calendar is correct, but you're finding that Reclaim is scheduling your events at the wrong times, you may be experiencing a common bug with Google Calendar.

You can fix the issue by following the instructions in this doc, but we recommend setting your timezone manually to prevent it from happening again.

To set your timezone manually, head to Hours and change it to your liking:


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