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Why are my Reclaim events scheduling at the wrong hours?
Why are my Reclaim events scheduling at the wrong hours?

Sometimes Google Calendar fails to report your timezone correctly, which causes us to schedule stuff at weird hours. Here's how to fix it.

Updated over a week ago

Reclaim uses your Google Calendar settings to set the timezone that Reclaim uses for scheduling events by default, unless you opt to set your timezone manually via Hours.

If you are using the Google Calendar setting, there is a known issue where even when your timezone is set correctly, your settings may incorrectly report UTC as the timezone.

We generally recommend setting your timezone manually to prevent this from happening in the future, but if you'd prefer to continue using the default Google Calendar setting, follow the instructions below to fix the issue:

  1. Under General, go to the Time zone section

  2. Update the timezone to another timezone

  3. Then, change it back to the correct timezone

  4. Exit the Settings page

You should now see events appear at the correct times.

Note: due to limitations in Google Calendar's mobile apps, this fix cannot be performed on your mobile device. It must be done from Google Calendar's web app.

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