Get started with Reclaim

New to Reclaim? Start here to learn about what Reclaim is as well as how it works.

22 articles


How to use Habits to set up flexible routines on your calendar.

6 articles


How to use Tasks to automatically block time on the calendar to get work done.

9 articles

Calendar Sync

How to use Calendar Sync to block events across multiple calendars.

14 articles

Smart Meetings

How to use Smart Meetings to automate your recurring meetings.

9 articles

Buffers, Settings, and Color-Coding

How to customize your Reclaim settings, enable buffers between meetings, and color-code your calendar using Reclaim.

19 articles

Task integrations

How to sync tasks from Todoist, Asana, ClickUp, Linear, Jira, & Google Tasks.

15 articles


How to use Reclaim's Planner feature to prioritize your workweek.

2 articles


How to use Reclaim to analyze your time and your team's time.

4 articles

Videoconferencing & chat integrations

How to integrate Reclaim with Zoom and Slack to better communicate your availability.

7 articles

Add-ons & extensions

Learn how to use Reclaim on your mobile or desktop device, as well as our Google Calendar Add-on and Raycast extension.

9 articles

Account and Team Administration

How to manage your team and account settings in Reclaim.

20 articles


Learn about plans, pricing, billing, and discounts.

16 articles

Security and Compliance

More information about Reclaim's privacy and security certifications and policies.

5 articles