Why isn't Reclaim scheduling something?

Possible reasons and guidance for why things are not being scheduled.

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All Day Events

🚨 This is the most common cause for why Reclaim events won't schedule.🚨

By default all-day events are marked as free, but sometimes they be marked as busy and take up your availability. Navigate to the all-day event in Google Calendar and switch it to free. Reclaim will start scheduling items back in your day.

Scheduling Constraints

Some constraints make it impossible to schedule items.


As explained in this doc, you can set different priority levels for your Habits, Tasks, Smart 1:1s, and Scheduling Links. If you have lots of stuff set to Critical priority, it may override anything that is lower-priority and make it impossible to schedule.

To fix this, adjust your Priorities.


Reclaim allows you to set different Hours and time ranges where you want to get stuff done for Habits, Tasks, and Smart 1:1s. If you're finding that something isn't ever getting scheduled, it's possible that its hours or time range is too narrow for your availability.

To fix this, adjust your Hours here, or for one-off hours that are set for a particular Habit or Smart 1:1, you can adjust them directly from that item.

Minimum or Maximum Durations

For some Reclaim items (e.g., Habits and Tasks) you can set a minimum and maximum amount of time you want to spend on it. For example, for a Habit, you can say you want to spend no less than 30m and no more than 1h at a time -- or for a Task, you can say you want to spend no less than 1h and no more than 4h per event for a Task at a time. If you've set these ranges to be too large, your calendar may never find time for them.

To fix this, adjust the time range for a given Task, Habit, or other Reclaim item to make it smaller. This should give Reclaim more flexibility to schedule it.

Reserved words

In Habits, you can set words that Reclaim can look for for a given Habit to avoid scheduling it. For example, you can add the word lunch to your Lunch Habit to avoid scheduling it if Reclaim sees another event with that word in the title. This may prevent it from scheduling.

To fix this, remove the reserved word or refine it to another set of words or phrases.

Lack of mutual time between attendees

For Smart 1:1s and other meeting features in Reclaim, you may be dealing with a limited set of availability between you and other attendees due to timezone differences, or mismatched meeting hour preferences.

To fix this, adjust your own hours for the meeting, or ask your attendee to do the same.

Lack of space on the calendar

If Reclaim can't find free time to fit items in, and there are no lower-priority items that it can schedule over, it may not schedule something.

To fix this, remove or decline events on your calendar.

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