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How to stop Reclaim events from moving using locks
How to stop Reclaim events from moving using locks

Reclaim enables you to prevent events from automatically rescheduling or changing, even when overbooked.

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Sometimes you may want Reclaim to stop moving events around, and ensure that your Task Event, Habit Instance, or Smart 1:1s stay in place so they don't reschedule at the last minute. Reclaim addresses this by allowing you to "lock" events, either manually or automatically.

Locking an event means:

  • The event will show as Busy to others, and

  • Reclaim will no longer automatically reschedule the event, even if it gets overbooked by another event.

When events lock automatically

By default, Reclaim will automatically lock your Smart 1:1s at 4am in your local timezone at the beginning of the day so that they don't move around. You can adjust this setting in Reclaim as shown below:

Events will also automatically lock anytime they are manually rescheduled by you, or if you change anything about the event directly in Google Calendar. This allows you to tell Reclaim that you want to do something at a specific time without worrying about Reclaim trying to fight with you about it.

Read more here to learn about auto-locking for events.

Manually locking and unlocking events

Task Events, Habit Instances, and Smart 1:1s can be locked and unlocked manually from either the Planner or Google Calendar add-on.

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