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How to reschedule smart Reclaim events

You can reschedule events from Reclaim in a ton of different ways -- including directly from Google Calendar.

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Reclaim is designed to give you a perfect blend of automation and control, meaning that we try to automatically schedule your calendar but still give you the ability to take back control at any time if something comes up or you change your mind.

Reclaim events will reschedule when you change rules for your Habits, Tasks, Smart 1:1s, and so forth -- for example, if you change the due date of a Task -- but you can also just manually adjust the events on the calendar once they've been scheduled.

Reschedule events to a specific time

You can reschedule any Reclaim event just by dragging it to another time in the Planner, or directly in Google Calendar. This is the easiest way to tell Reclaim "I want to do this thing at specifically this other time."

When you reschedule an event by dragging it elsewhere in the calendar, it will automatically be "locked" and get a πŸ”’ emoji in the title. This means that Reclaim will mark the event as Busy and will no longer move it automatically, which prevents it from doing unexpected things on your calendar.

Reschedule events automatically

If you don't really care where an event ends up, or if you just want Reclaim to take care of rescheduling it, there are lots of good ways to do that in Reclaim:

  • Just delete the event: anytime you delete an event created by Reclaim on the calendar, that is a signal to reschedule it to the next best time. For example, if a Task event occurred in the past and you didn't do it, you can just delete the event in Google Calendar to reschedule it.

  • Use the "Reschedule" option: via Reclaim's Planner, Google Calendar Add-On, or Slack, you can click the "Reschedule" button and that will bring up a list of options for you to tell Reclaim how far out you'd like the event rescheduled.

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