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Managing Smart Meetings on your calendar
Managing Smart Meetings on your calendar

Reclaim will automatically schedule events for Smart Meetings on your calendar, and gives you a bunch of ways to reschedule or change them.

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Once your Smart Meeting is set up, Reclaim will automatically begin scheduling events for it on your, and your attendees', calendars. This help doc will cover a few important topics regarding management of Smart Meetings and their events on the calendar:

  • What happens when someone is invited to a Smart Meeting

  • How Smart Meetings automatically get rescheduled when conflicts occur

  • How to reschedule or skip Smart Meetings manually

  • How to edit Smart Meetings calendar events directly from your calendar UI

What happens when you invite someone to a Smart Meeting

When you invite someone to a Smart Meeting, Reclaim automatically sends the attendee an email to confirm that the meeting has been scheduled, and to invite them to sign up for Reclaim and set their availability.

If Reclaim has access to the attendee's calendar, they don't need to respond to these invitations – however, there are some benefits to doing so, as it allows them to set their meeting preferences.

Smart Meeting invitation emails

Smart Meeting invitations are sent through one of two mechanisms:

  1. Email, as shown below;

  2. An invite link that can be copy-pasted to the attendee.

When an attendee clicks the link in either experience, they'll be prompted to provide access to their calendar (if Reclaim doesn't already have it) and most importantly to set their meeting hours, which enables Reclaim to schedule Smart Meetings around their preferences. If the attendee declines to do this, a default set of meeting hours will be used.

How Smart Meetings automatically schedule and reschedule around conflicts

Smart Meetings will automatically schedule according to priority, you and your attendees' mutual availability (across timezones, if applicable), as well as your mutual preferences in terms of hours and days where you want the meeting scheduled.

  • If an event gets booked over the Smart Meeting, Reclaim will automatically reschedule it to the next best available time for everyone.

  • If the attendee or organizer are invited to another event that conflicts with the Smart Meeting, the Smart Meeting will not be rescheduled until at least one person RSVPs Yes or Maybe to the conflicting event.

Note: If a Smart Meeting is locked, a meeting conflict won't automatically reschedule it.

Benefits of auto-rescheduling

There are lots of ways in which auto-rescheduling benefits meetings. For example, if one of you blocks out time for vacation several weeks out on the calendar, or if an urgent meeting comes up at the last minute, no one has to worry about emailing back and forth to find another time to connect – Reclaim will do it for you.

Smart Meetings allow for flexibility as they respond to conflicts on the calendar by rescheduling events, and also respond to RSVP changes from either attendee.

When rescheduling a Smart Meeting, Reclaim will attempt to maintain the cadence of the Smart Meeting series. For example, if you have a weekly meeting that typically occurs on Mondays, and push it to Friday, the next scheduled instance of the meeting will push closer to Friday. This helps to avoid having Smart Meetings too close together.

How to reschedule a Smart Meeting manually

Sometimes you may want to skip or reschedule a Smart Meeting without a conflict, move it to a specific time, or modify its duration. Reclaim gives you several ways to do this directly from Google Calendar, from the Planner, or from the Google Calendar Add-on.

Rescheduling via RSVP changes

If either the organizer or the attendees RSVPs No to the Smart Meeting event, Reclaim will automatically reschedule it to the next best time (unless the attendee is marked as an 'optional attendee').

RSVPs can be managed through Google Calendar by clicking on the event on the calendar:

Rescheduling using the 'Reschedule' option

You can Reschedule your Smart Meeting as the organizer from Reclaim's Planner, from the details page for any Smart Meeting:

This will offer two options:

  • Reschedule to Any other time on the same day

  • Reschedule to Another day

Manually reschedule or change the duration of a Smart Meeting

As the organizer, you can drag a Smart Meeting event to another day or time on the Planner or in Google Calendar, and Reclaim will accept that as a reschedule. This will also automatically lock the event, so it won't move to another time automatically – even if a conflict arises.

Similarly, you can shrink or extend the total duration of the event for just that meeting, or make the adjustment for following or all events, and the change will be applied accordingly.

Skip a Smart Meeting for the period

If the organizer of the Smart Meeting deletes the event via Google Calendar, Reclaim will skip the Smart Meeting for the period and won't reschedule it until the next period in the series.

For example, if you delete a Smart Meeting event that occurs weekly, the meeting will be scheduled for the following week but be skipped for the current week.

This option can also be accessed by right-clicking on the event from the Planner and clicking 'Skip':

Editing Smart Meeting events from Google Calendar

Updates made to your Smart Meetings can be made from the Planner in Reclaim, or directly in Google Calendar. You can make edits to the specific meeting event, or all events thereafter.

Sometimes you may want to add different details to a particular meeting – for example, adding a guest attendee to the event, changing the location to a coffeeshop, or modifying the description for a one-time agenda. Reclaim makes it easy to make these changes.

Details that can be edited on a Smart Meeting event

  • Title

  • Description

  • Attendee list

  • Color

  • RSVP note

  • Location

  • Duration

  • Frequency

  • Time window / scheduled time

Details that cannot be edited on a scheduled Smart Meeting event

If the below details are edited, Reclaim will overwrite them the next time it re-syncs your calendar.

  • Event privacy

  • Event availability (i.e., Free vs. Busy)

Modifying videoconference / location info

You can use Reclaim's built-in integrations with Zoom and Google Meet to add videoconferencing to a Smart Meeting from within Reclaim or Google Calendar.

Edit via a Google Calendar add-on

When using a Google calendar add-on to add a videoconference link to any Smart Meeting event, it will overwrite any existing videoconference information for all events in that meeting series. This is the only field that Reclaim will overwrite for all events in a series.

Note: If you use a Chrome extension (e.g., Zoom's Chrome extension) to add videoconferencing, that integration may use the Location field on the event.

No-risk automatic scheduling

Reclaim also gives you the ability to leave a Smart Meetings on the calendar when it can't find time for them.

This is really useful in cases where you're setting up a Smart Meeting that involves a ton of busy people, and want to ensure that the meeting doesn't get removed if it can't find time. Instead, Reclaim will just leave it at its ideal time, which means it won't disappear from the schedule.

You'll see a ⚠️ emoji on events that Reclaim left on the calendar after being unable to find time for them.

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