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How Smart Meetings keep your calendar flexible
How Smart Meetings keep your calendar flexible

Reclaim will automatically keep your Smart Meetings flexible based on availability. Here's how and when they'll switch from free to busy.

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Smart Meetings are initially scheduled as a Free event and will switch to Busy as your schedule changes to give maximum flexibility in your calendar – while still ensuring that you get the time you need with your attendee or attendees. You can learn more about how Reclaim uses Free and Busy settings here.

Smart Meetings will automatically reschedule around conflicts, and flip from Free to Busy when the meeting is <12 hours ahead of their start time, or when there is only one slot remaining for the meeting within the same day.

You can additionally opt to lock your Smart Meetings sooner to prevent them from rescheduling, which will also mark them as busy.

Track your Smart Meeting scheduling

When viewing a Smart Meeting, you can see all the periods of time when it should schedule – as well as periods that have been skipped because no free time could be found.

Additionally, you can select View change log and get a deeper look for any event for a Habit or Smart Meeting and understand exactly why it was skipped or rescheduled due to a conflict.

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