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Why are my Smart Meetings not scheduling?
Why are my Smart Meetings not scheduling?

Most commonly, a Smart Meeting will fail to schedule if there isn't sufficient overlap between you and your attendees' availability.

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This help doc is under construction 🚧

Smart 1:1s are becoming Smart Meetings – an even more powerful way to auto-schedule recurring meetings for not only one-on-ones, but also team meetings with 3+ attendees!

Our docs are currently being updated to document the latest and greatest improvements. Check out this overview doc to learn more about what's new with Smart Meetings in the meantime.

Smart Meetings schedule around you and your attendee's mutual availability, timezone, and meeting hours. You can read more about how Smart Meetings are scheduled in this article. If you're finding that a Smart Meetings isn't scheduling, or if you're seeing an error on your Smart Meetings page, the most common culprit is limited availability.

If the organizer and attendee have limited overlapping hours, Reclaim will provide a Few overlapping hours warning along with details on what hours area available for scheduling.

You can view their hours in your timezone by clicking the timezone label in "their hours (et)"

How to fix it

The key to fixing this issue is to expand your availability. There are two primary ways to do this:

  1. Contact your attendee and ask them to expand their meeting hours in Reclaim.

  2. Ensure that your calendar(s) have sufficient free time to schedule the meeting.

  3. If you're using custom meeting times, make sure both the organizer and attendee have overlapping hours.

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