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Do my attendees have to use Reclaim to be invited to Smart Meetings?
Do my attendees have to use Reclaim to be invited to Smart Meetings?

Anyone can be invited to a Smart Meeting - within or outside of your organization - depending on calendar access.

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All Reclaim users can organize Smart Meetings — meaning you create a new recurring Smart Meeting, set the preferences for the event, and invite other attendees to that recurring meeting. Lite users are limited to creating one Smart Meeting as the organizer, Starter plan users can create up to three, and Business or Enterprise plans can organize unlimited Smart Meetings learn more about feature access across plans here.

While there are some limits to how many Smart Meetings you can create as an organizer, anyone can be invited to unlimited Smart Meetings regardless of Reclaim membership or subscription status.

Note: Smart Meetings with 3 or more attendees are billed on a unit called Attendee Users (AUs). This doc explains how it all works.

Inviting others to Smart Meetings

When creating a Smart Meeting, you will be able to invite other attendees to your meeting. You can invite anyone to a Smart Meeting as long as you have their email address and Reclaim will begin scheduling the meeting.

In order to maximize the benefits of smart scheduling via Reclaim, are a few things to understand so Smart Meetings can schedule at the best time for everyone.

If they are a Reclaim user/have shared their calendar with you

If the person you are inviting is:

  • A Reclaim user;

  • On your Reclaim team;

  • Or has shared at least shared 'See free/busy visibility' with you via Google Calendar

Reclaim will already have access to their calendar availability and their timezone. If they are a Reclaim user, your Smart Meeting will also be able to schedule around their Hours preferences and other Priorities set in Reclaim.

The view you'll see if your invitee meets any of the above criteria will look like this:

Note: If the invitee is within your company, you will likely already have the necessary visibility settings to see things like their availability and timezone.

If Reclaim does not have calendar visibility

If the invitee does not meet the above criteria (aka: is not a Reclaim user, or has not shared necessary calendar visibility with you) you'll see a notification when you add them as an attendee to your Smart Meeting:

What this means is Reclaim does not have visibility into their calendar to accurately schedule around their availability or timezone. You can still send them an invite to the Smart Meeting, but Reclaim's scheduling engine won't be able to accurately consider their preferences to find the best time to meet.

Options for non-Reclaim users

There a few options to improve the scheduling experience for non-Reclaim users:

Sign up for Reclaim

The easiest way to get the most out of smart scheduling is to have your attendee sign up for a free Reclaim account, connect their calendar, and set their own Meeting Hours.

Invite them to your team

If they are a part of your company, you can can also invite them to your team so they can sign up, connect their calendar, set their own Meeting Hours, plus get more team benefits. Learn more about adding team members in this doc.

Share their calendar

If your attendee doesn't want to sign up for Reclaim, they can share their calendar with you in Google Calendar to provide more context to their availability.

How to share a calendar in Google Calendar:

  1. Have them navigate to their Google Calendar.

  2. In the left hand sidebar, under 'My calendars' click the three-dot menu to pull up additional options.

  3. Select 'Settings and sharing'.

  4. Under 'Share with specific people or groups', click '+ Add people and groups' and add your primary email (as the organizer).

  5. They'll need to share at least "See only free/busy" visibility. This will show their calendar events as either 'Free' or 'Busy' to Reclaim and you, if you were viewing their schedule.

By having both participants provide access to their calendars as part of scheduling a Smart Meeting, Reclaim can accurately schedule around the attendees' timezone as well as their availability to avoid overbooking another event, for example.

Why sign up for Reclaim?

It's important for Reclaim to have access to both participants' calendars so meetings can be accurately and consistently scheduled across a variety of factors.

While having basic visibility access can be enough to get a meeting scheduled when everyone is available, there are more powerful benefits to creating a free Reclaim account as an attendee:

Customized scheduling Hours

Reclaim lets users customize their own Meeting Hours so Reclaim can schedule Smart Meetings around everyone's unique preferences to find the best time to connect.

This is something that is impossible to get from Google natively without having users set it in Reclaim, as Google Calendar doesn't offer any kind of API for its working hours feature.

Set priorities on your calendar

You can maximize collaboration and productivity with even more AI-powered scheduling features by Reclaim. Auto-schedule smart events like Habits, Tasks, breaks, and share your availability via Scheduling Links.

Plus, what’s magical about Reclaim is that it’s priority-aware. This means that it can not only schedule over free times that are mutually available for Smart Meetings – it can actually over-schedule over lower-priority items and resolve conflicts automatically to create more flexibility. Learn more about getting started with Reclaim.

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