How Reclaim's pricing and plans work

Reclaim offers both free and paid plans to help your teams get the most out of your calendars. Here's a rundown of how different plans work.

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We offer a variety of plans for you and your team to use Reclaim. This help doc will walk you through how our pricing and plans work. If you're looking for more information about pricing, please visit our pricing page.

What kinds of plans are available?

Reclaim offers different plans based on your team size, and included features and capabilities:

  • Lite is available for any single user at no cost to help you take back control of your calendar with essential smart time blocking features.

  • Starter is for teams of up to 10 users who are looking to optimize their meetings and get more focus time on the calendar.

  • Business is for teams of up to 100 users, and is our most popular plan for companies who are prioritizing productivity and work-life balance for employees.

  • Enterprise is for teams of more than 100 users, for organizations who need enterprise-grade support & security.

What features does each plan come with?

Please visit our pricing page for an in-depth view of the differences between plans, but here’s an overview of some main differences between what each plan offers:





Scheduling range

3 weeks out

8 weeks out

12 weeks out

12 weeks out

Time blocking customization

Default settings

Full customization

Full customization

Full customization

Connected Calendars

Up to 2 connected calendars




Calendar Syncs

1 Calendar Sync policy





Up to 3 Habits




Smart 1:1s

1 as organizer (unlimited as invitee)

3 as organizer (unlimited as invitee)



Scheduling Links

1 personal Scheduling Link

3 Scheduling Links



Team Scheduling Links support


Custom Scheduling Hours

Google Tasks integration

Todoist integration

Asana integration

ClickUp integration

Jira integration

Linear integration

Slack Status Sync

Basic sync

Company-wide status templates

Buffer Time & breaks

Google Calendar & Gmail add-on






Security reviews

SSO & SCIM user provisioning

Do I have to purchase a minimum number of seats?

There is no minimum required number of seats required for purchasing a Starter or Business plan, but Enterprise requires a minimum purchase of 100 seats. For example, if you’re an individual user, you can purchase Starter or Business for yourself. Similarly, if you’re a team of 8, you can purchase Business for the group.

Can I mix and match plans?

No. In order to upgrade to a paid subscription, all users on the team must be on the same plan type. This ensures that everyone on the team has access to the same features and product experience. In other words, if you have 10 members on your team and want to purchase the Starter plan, you will need to purchase 10 seats of Starter.

Can I pick monthly billing?

You can opt to sign up for a month-to-month version of Starter or Business when checking out, or you can opt for an annual commitment to save 20% on your plan. Our Enterprise plans are annual only.

What about discounts?

As mentioned above, we offer a 20% discount for annual billing vs. monthly on our paid plans. We’re happy to work with you and your team to find the right fit for your needs.

Additionally, we also offer discounts for those switching to Reclaim from Motion or Clockwise, as well as discounts for education and nonprofit use cases.

Currently on a Free, Pro, or Team plan? Learn more about our Legacy plans in this help doc.

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