Reclaim offers a 50% discount off of any Reclaim plan for up to 12 months to educators, students, and school administrators. This may be applied to both monthly or annual plans.


To qualify for the Reclaim for Education discount, you must be:

  • A nonprofit educational institution.

  • A degree-granting accredited primary, secondary, and tertiary institution*. This includes programs such as high school, secondary school, college, university, graduate programs, or similar educational institutions.

  • A student, educator, administrator, or other faculty from any of the above.

  • At least 13 years old.

How to apply

  1. Visit our Pricing Page

  2. Click the Apply for a discount button

  3. Fill out the form

  4. Click Submit

The process

Our team will review the applications and respond as quickly as we can. We may contact you if we require additional proof of eligibility.

If your application isn’t approved, you can apply in the future if the status of your institution changes.

If we've approved your application, we will send you an approval email with a discount code to use during checkout.

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