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How to fix a limited account

Your account may be limited if you are using features outside of your plan. Here's how to fix it!

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Your account in Reclaim may become limited if you are using features beyond what is included in your current plan. This can happen if you were on a trial for a paid plan and using premium features, or if you downgraded from a higher-tier plan.

To avoid disrupting your workflow, you will be extended a free 28-day overage period during which your account will continue to schedule events as normal.

In the overage period you can restore your account by either:

  1. Upgrading to a paid plan that includes the features you want to use.

  2. Or, disabling events to stay in the limits of the free forever plan.

Please note: If you don't take any action on your account by the end of the free 28-day overage period – any additional features you are using outside the free plan limit will be automatically deactivated and will stop scheduling.

How to fix an account with feature overage

At the end of your trial you will receive email updates to notify you about the status of your account overage.

When you log in, you'll also see a banner at the top of the Reclaim app if you are currently using features outside of your plan. The good news is, it's easy to get your account back on track.

To identify which events are limiting your account, click the "Fix it" button in the banner:

Options to resolve your limited account

  • Upgrade your plan: The easiest solution is to upgrade to a plan that includes the features you're already using. This allows you to keep your current scheduling configuration and experience no interruptions to paid features. (You can see a full breakdown of features across our available plans on our pricing page here.)

  • Disable paid features manually: The second option allows you to review exactly which smart events are putting you in overage. You can then manually choose the items you want to disable or remove to get back into your plan limits.

    For example, if set up 5 Habits during a Starter plan trial, but didn't upgrade by the end of your trail – you will either need to upgrade to a Starter plan to keep your 5 active Habits, or select delete 2 Habits so you're back in the limit of 3 Habits included in the free forever Lite plan.

  • Have Reclaim disable paid features for you: Your third option is to have Reclaim automatically disable the extra features on your account. This will permit our system to automatically bring your account back to it's current plan limits and lift any limitations.

To avoid any scheduling issues, be sure to address any feature overage during the 28-day period. At the end of this time window, features used beyond your plan limit will be automatically disabled for you and will stop scheduling.

What's included in each Reclaim plan?

Visit our pricing page for a full breakdown of our available plans to find the best fit for your scheduling needs, or learn more about how pricing works at Reclaim in this doc.

Here’s an overview of some main differences between what each plan offers:





Scheduling range

3 weeks out

8 weeks out

12 weeks out

12 weeks out

Time blocking customization

Default settings

Full customization

Full customization

Full customization

Connected Calendars

Up to 2 connected calendars




Calendar Syncs

1 Calendar Sync policy





Up to 3 Habits




Smart 1:1s

1 as organizer (unlimited as invitee)

3 as organizer (unlimited as invitee)



Scheduling Links

1 personal Scheduling Link

3 Scheduling Links



Team Scheduling Links support


Custom Scheduling Hours

Google Tasks integration

Todoist integration

Asana integration

ClickUp integration

Jira integration

Linear integration

Slack Status Sync

Basic sync

Company-wide status templates

Buffer Time & breaks

Google Calendar & Gmail add-on






Security reviews

SSO & SCIM user provisioning

Restart your trial

If you need a little more time to discover Reclaim before making a decision on a plan, you can restart your trial once to extend it for you and your team for another 14 days.

Note: If you restart your trial, you will not receive another free overage period when the extension ends.

If you believe your account was limited by mistake, or you're running into an issue with getting your account limitations removed, please reach out to our support team.

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