How to fix a limited account

Your account may be limited if you are using features outside of your plan.

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An account in Reclaim can become limited if there are certain features being used that aren't in your current plan. This can happen if you were previously on a trial using premium features, or downgraded from a higher-tier plan. A full breakdown of the features of our different plans can be seen here.

Our system, in an effort to be less disruptive, will not automatically remove those features but will limit the account so that changes won't be able to be made until the account is no longer in an overage state. Your account will continue to schedule events as normal, but creating new events or editing events will be limited.

To see what is limiting your account, select the "Fix it" button in the banner:

When you select the "Fix it" button. You'll be shown three options:

  • Upgrade your plan: The first option is to purchase a plan that will make sure you can keep your current configuration and experience no interruptions with paid features.

  • Disable paid features manually: The second option will allow you to manually update your account and remove anything that might be limiting the account. We will show you what features are limiting your account so that you can remove or disable anything that is outside of your plan.

  • Have Reclaim disable paid features for you: The third option is to have Reclaim automatically disable the extra features. This will let our system automatically bring the account back to it's current plan limits and remove the limitations.

If you believe your account was limited by mistake, or you're running into an issue with getting your account limitations removed, please reach out to our support team.

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