How to take a break from Reclaim

You can always delete your account, but taking a break allows you to access your work in the future.

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you may want to take a break from Reclaim, but still keep your account active so that you don't end up losing all your work. To take a break, you can simply disable key features and Reclaim will automatically remove the events from your calendar and stop blocking time for them going forward. Once you're ready to return, just re-enable them.

Here is a short guide that shows you how to take a break:

  1. Disable your Calendar Syncs by toggling them "off". Reclaim will remove synced events and stop syncing them going forward.

  2. Disable your Habits by toggling them "off". Reclaim will remove existing Habit events and stop scheduling them going forward.

  3. Delete your Tasks or mark them as done. Reclaim will remove those Task events from the calendar.

  4. Disable integrations with any task or project managers. Reclaim will stop syncing new tasks from these platforms.

  5. Disable Smart 1:1s that you're the owner of, or if you're not the owner, simply decline them via Reclaim's UI and they will stop scheduling.

  6. Disable Decompression Time and Travel Time via settings under Buffer time and breaks. Reclaim will remove existing buffers and not block them going forward.

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