Features in Reclaim

Here's a complete list of the features in Reclaim and a bit about what you can do with them.

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Habits are a smarter way to create routines on your calendar for your work and personal priorities. Unlike normal recurring events, Habits flex around your schedule and adapt as things come up, giving you the time you need without being overly rigid and jamming up your calendar.


Reclaim Tasks help bridge the gap between your always changing to-do list and your calendar – so you can make sure you have the time defended to work on your important items before deadlines come up.

Automatically block flexible time for your Tasks before due dates around everything else you have going on, break up longer projects into manageable chunks, and even integrate your favorite project management apps to sync to-dos to the calendar.

Smart Meetings

Smart Meetings make it easy for you to automatically schedule, reschedule, and manage your recurring meetings.

Whether a one-on-one or a recurring team sync – creating a Smart Meeting is easy and only takes a few minutes. Just set your scheduling preferences, share a one-time invitation, and let Reclaim find the best time for everyone to meet on a recurring basis around availability and timezones – with one-click rescheduling when conflicts come up.

Scheduling Links

Scheduling Links enable you to send links to you and your team's availability, allowing others to book time across one, or many, calendars. Scheduling Links offer an advanced prioritization controls to optimize this process by allowing you to automatically offer up lower-priority events scheduled on your calendar (both other Reclaim smart events, as well as non-Reclaim created events!) as available times for more important meetings.

Connected Calendars

Connected Calendars are used by Reclaim to check your availability for blocking events.

By default, Reclaim will set the primary calendar of your account's main email as a connected calendar. You can also select other calendars for Reclaim to check availability.

Calendar Sync

Reclaim's Calendar Sync feature is a powerful way to make sure people who go to book time with you always see your true availability across multiple calendars. Calendar Sync takes events from a source calendar - we call these source events - and creates smart copies of them on a destination calendar - we call these synced copies.

Synced copies stay up-to-date as the source events change, so you never have to worry about manually updating or adding events across calendars. Reclaim gives you flexible privacy options for those synced copies so you can manage what others are able to see.


Your Stats provide an overview of where your time is being spent across Habits, Tasks, Meetings, breaks, and more – allowing you to analyze productivity and work-life balance to plan better workweeks. Team Analytics is a time tracking tool to help both leaders and employees analyze productivity and work-life balance stats, averaged across the entire team.


Reclaim was designed to block flexible time for your Tasks, and automatically pull in tasks and projects from the platforms you already use. You can integrate tasks and sync their status across platforms automatically.

Buffer Time

Give yourself time to decompress after your meetings, ensure you have enough travel time for your event, and add some break between your Tasks and Habits. Reclaim adds flexible buffers to your schedule for you to prep and get where you're going.

Slack Status Sync

Reclaim's integration for Slack can automatically update your Slack status so others know that you are busy, as well as enable Do Not Disturb during events where you want to stay in focus mode.

Add-ons and Extensions

Reclaim can be used alongside your existing Google Calendar interface with our Google Calendar Add-on, as well as natively on your MacOS desktop or laptop using our Raycast extension.

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