Manage notifications for Reclaim events

A basic guide to Reclaim notifications and how to manage them.

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Reclaim sends you notifications to keep you updated on what’s coming up in your schedule so you can better manage your time. Here’s a guide to how these different alerts work, and how to manage them.

How do I manage my Reclaim notification preferences?

Reclaim uses your primary Google Calendar notification preferences as the default for all of your event alerts.

Google Calendar usually sets this to 10 minutes by default, but you can change the alert time to whatever works for you. If you change it to alert you 1 minute before an event is due to start, for example, this notification preference will apply to all Reclaim created events moving forward.

To manage your Google Calendar notification settings:

  1. Click Settings in the upper right corner

  2. In the left menu bar, select your source calendar under Settings for my calendars

  3. Select Event notifications

  4. Set your preferences

If you don't want to receive any alerts, you can also delete all notification options in the Google Calendar settings. This will turn off all notifications for both Google Calendar and Reclaim events moving forward.

Calendar Sync event notifications

Because Reclaim’s Calendar Sync works by creating a synced copy of your event from your source calendar to your destination calendar – Calendar Sync events always have notifications off so you don’t receive duplicate notifications.

If you're getting a notification that is from a synced event, it could be this issue.

You can learn more about how Calendar Sync works here.

Habit event notifications

Reclaim Habit events have alerts on by default (according to your Google Calendar notification settings, as noted above).

If you are on the Habits 2.0 platform, you can configure the notification behavior like you would any other recurring event in Google Calendar. Simply edit the series in Google Calendar's UI and look for this:

Remove or modify the notification as you see fit, and then click "save" and select "all events".

If you are on the classic Habits platform (which does not use recurring events), you can toggle these notifications off in the advanced settings section on an individual Habit:

  1. In the Reclaim app, select Habits from the left hand menu

  2. Select the Habit you want to adjust

  3. On the right side, select the three dots for More options, then click Edit

  4. Scroll down and click Advanced options

  5. Uncheck the Send notifications for this event to disable notifications for that Habit

You can learn more about Reclaim Habits here.

Task event notifications

Reclaim Task events have notifications turned on, always (according to your Google Calendar notification settings). These include integrated tasks from other platforms, and Tasks created in the app.

You can learn more about Reclaim Tasks here.

Travel Time event notifications

Reclaim Task events always have notifications turned on (according to your Google Calendar notification settings).

You can learn more about Travel Time here.

Decompression Time event notifications

Decompression Time, or Buffer Time, events always have notifications off.

You can learn more about how Decompression Time works here.

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