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How to prioritize non-Reclaim events

Learn how to use Priorities for non-Reclaim events to offer up more availability for your Scheduling Links.

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One of the most powerful capabilities of Reclaim Priorities is that you can also prioritize non-Reclaim created events on your calendar - like an internal team meeting or a recurring standup created in Google Calendar, for example - to offer up maximum availability for important meetings via your Scheduling Links.

Let's take a look at how you can leverage Priorities for non-Reclaim events.

Priorities for non-Reclaim events

With Reclaim Priorities, you can set everything on your calendar to a Critical (P1) to Low-priority (P4) level. This includes your Reclaim smart events (like Habits, Tasks, Smart 1:1s, and Scheduling Links), as well as non-Reclaim created events that were created in Google Calendar. You can learn more about how Reclaim's prioritization system works in the Priorities overview doc.

How Reclaim prioritizes your non-Reclaim events

While being able to adjust the priority level on your non-Reclaim events is a powerful capability, of course you want to ensure that your events like important team meetings in Google Calendar aren't at risk of being overscheduled. We get that.

Non-Reclaim events will NEVER be overbooked by default

ALL non-Reclaim events on your calendar will always be set to P1 (critical) automatically, so they will never be overbooked by Reclaim by default.

Unless you go into a non-Reclaim event from the Reclaim Planner and manually adjust its priority level, those events will never be overbooked unless you explicitly want them to be.

Non-Reclaim events can ONLY be overbooked by higher-priority Scheduling Links

If you do choose to manually turn down the priority of a non-Reclaim event – that events can only ever be overbooked by a higher-priority Scheduling Link, which will show that time as available.

Non-Reclaim events will never be overscheduled by Habits, Tasks, or Smart 1:1s, regardless of their priority. You can learn more about how Priorities work for Scheduling Links in this doc.

How to prioritize your non-Reclaim events

To set the priority of your non-Reclaim events, navigate to your Planner and click on an event you want to adjust a priority level for on the calendar. Click the 'bar' icon 📶 in the top right of the right-hand sidebar to adjust the priority level.

Only turn down the priority level for events you’d be comfortable overbooking with a higher-priority Scheduling Link.

Recurring event controls

You can set the priority for a single non-Reclaim event instance, as well as for all events in a recurring series. After you manually adjust the priority level of a recurring non-Reclaim event, Reclaim will ask you to confirm if this is for the one-time event or all events in the series.

Prioritizing events synced from other calendars

If you have non-Reclaim created events on your primary calendar that have been copied via Calendar Sync or otherwise connected calendars, those events will automatically be set as Critical (P1) priority.

​💡 Note: You can’t (yet) change the priority of synced events or events on other connected calendars, only events that were created from your primary calendar.

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