Reclaim's Calendar Sync creates copies of personal events on your work calendar and keeps them up-to-date automatically. With Reclaim, you don't need to ever manually add personal events to your work calendar. You can also manage all of your events, including those from your personal calendar, from your work calendar without having to make changes to your Google Calendar settings. 

Here's a quick overview.

Requirements for using Calendar Sync

Currently, LifeWork is only available for people who use Google Calendar for their work calendar (or for the calendar you want events blocked on). You may use a personal calendar that is hosted by iCloud, Outlook, or other services, provided that you have shared it with your work calendar.

Setting up Reclaim LifeWork

When you sign in with your work email account, you'll be prompted to answer some questions so that we can configure LifeWork -- you'll decide how you want events synced, which calendars you want to block events from, how they'll appear to others on your work calendar, as well as whether you want us to add automatic Travel Time blocks as well as share your personal calendar with your work calendar.

Once you've completed those questions, you'll be asked to connect your work and personal calendars to start blocking out time on your work calendar for personal events. You can add as many personal calendars and accounts as you want.

Connect your calendars and it's done! You can send a test event after you've finished onboarding to test out LifeWork and see what it looks like on your calendars.

How it works

LifeWork creates copies of your personal events, keeps them up-to-date with changes, and makes it easy to manage all your calendar events from your work calendar directly. Here are some quick tips:

When an event is created on your personal calendar, you'll see a time block for the same time period appear on your work calendar. This time block is visible to others, preventing others from booking over your personal events.

If the personal event is canceled or rescheduled, the time block on your work
calendar will be automatically updated.

In addition to this time block, LifeWork allows you to opt in to sharing your personal calendar with your work calendar so that you can see the full personal event details and manage the event directly from your work calendar. This is not a duplicate event.

It's entirely normal and expected to see two events on your work calendar for a personal event -- the block, which others can see, and the personal event that only you can see. It will look something like this:

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