Reclaim's Calendar Sync is a powerful way to make sure people who go to book time with you always see your true availability across multiple calendars.

Calendar Sync takes events from a source calendar—we call these source events—and creates smart copies of them on a destination calendar—we call these synced copies. Synced copies stays up-to-date as the source events change, so you never have to worry about manually updating or adding events across calendars. Furthermore, Reclaim gives you flexible privacy options you can use for those synced copies so others don't see all the details of your source events.

Requirements for using Calendar Sync

Currently, Calendar Sync is only supported for calendars connected to a Google Calendar account. Because Reclaim requires read and write permissions on your calendars in order to sync events, it can only work with services where we've been able to authenticate your account.

There is one caveat to this restriction: you may use a source calendar that is hosted by iCloud, Outlook, or other services and shared it to a Google Calendar. Reclaim can sync events from the non-Google calendars, but cannot sync events to them.

Additionally, you may experience long delays in events synced from shared calendars due to issues between your non-Google calendar and your Google Calendar.

How it works

Reclaim creates synced copies of your source events, keeps them up-to-date with changes, and makes it easy to manage all your events from a single calendar.

When an event is created on your source calendar, you'll see a synced copy for the same time period appear on your destination calendar. This synced copy has its own privacy setting and is visible to others, preventing those who view your destination calendar from booking over your source events:

Calendar Sync detects RSVP changes and/or cancellations:

  • If you do not RSVP to an invite, Reclaim will keep a synced copy on your destination calendar but keep it marked as Free, so it will not show as blocked to others.

  • If you decline and invite, Reclaim will automatically remove the synced copy from your destination calendar.

  • If you RSVP Yes or Maybe to an invite, Reclaim will automatically mark the synced copy as Busy.

  • If a source event is deleted or canceled, the synced copy will be removed.

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