Reclaim syncs events between your calendars, and treats certain kinds of events a little differently in order to make your experience as great as possible.

All-day events

By default, Reclaim will not block time for all-day events from your source calendar. However, you can configure your sync policy to sync all-day events, or to sync only those all-day events marked as busy.

Events from Gmail

Reclaim will automatically block time for source events created by Gmail (e.g., reservations, appointments, etc.) and mark the time as Busy on your destination calendar. 

Events that your destination calendar's email is invited to

If your destination calendar's email is already invited to a source event, we will skip blocking it out to avoid duplication.

Events that you've created, but where you aren't in the attendee list

In rare cases (typically via using scheduling platforms like Calendly) it's possible to be the organizer of an event but still not be listed as an attendee. In these cases, Reclaim will sync the source event to your destination calendar but will assume that you are Busy instead of keeping the event Free.

Events marked as Free

If a source event is marked as Free, it will be synced to your destination calendar but marked as Free.

If you use the "Personal Commitment" or "Busy" privacy level for synced events, events marked as free time will not be synced. They will only sync if you've used the "full details" options for sync privacy.

Events you've declined

As noted in this article, if you RSVP "No" to an event on a source calendar, the block from your destination calendar will be removed.

All other source events will be blocked out normally on your destination calendar. If you aren't seeing something sync, and it's not in this list, drop us a line!

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