Reclaim gives you the ability to automatically block time for your tasks. Rather than you trying to block time for things manually and having to move them around when they're interrupted by schedule conflicts, Reclaim will find the time and block it for you.

Getting started with Tasks

  1. From anywhere in Reclaim's UI, you can click the + New Task button.

  2. Enter the information Reclaim needs to create your Task and start time blocking.

  3. Click Save to create the Task.

Keyboard shortcuts for Tasks

  • Press C from anywhere in Reclaim to bring up the Task creator

  • Hit tab to move from field to field in the Task creation form.

  • Hit Enter on a field to open or toggle it off/on.

  • Press Cmd + Enter to Save the Task.

  • Hit Esc to close the Task creation form and come back to the Task later.

What's in a Task?

Tasks contain a few inputs that are required to schedule time:

  • Name: The name of your Task that will be used as the event's title on your calendar.

  • Time needed: The total number of hours you need to complete the task. Reclaim will automatically break up tasks into different events on your calendar. Tasks must have a minimum of 15 minutes.

  • Due date: The date by which the task needs to be scheduled on your calendar.

Other Task properties

There are also extended properties you can add to a Task, which are either set by default by Reclaim or optional:

  • Category: Reclaim has two types of tasks—Solo Work and Personal. Solo Work tasks will only be booked during your working hours, and Personal tasks will only be booked during your personal hours. Your Task category will also determine the color of events on your calendar using your Color Coding settings.

  • Notes: Add optional notes to the Task that will be added to any events created for the task.

  • Earliest starting date: If you don't want to start on a task before a certain date, you can tell Reclaim not to schedule time before a certain date. By default, Reclaim will assign this start date for you depending on the due date you select.

  • Minimum event duration: The minimum amount of time you want to work on a Task in one time block.

  • Maximum event duration: Set the maximum amount of time you want to work on a Task in one time block. Note: Reclaim will use the max duration to "space out" your Tasks when they get scheduled on your calendar. This prevents Reclaim from scheduling a bunch of Task chunks one after another.

  • Privacy: Choose how you want others to see your Task on your calendar.

Refer to Changing your default Task settings to learn about default settings and how to change them.

Task integration with project management software

Reclaim integrates with top project management tools to automatically sync your task list and find the best time for your to-dos, by priority, before your due dates. Connect your task list from your favorite project management app in less than one minute from our Integrations page

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