Tasks gives you the ability to automatically block time for anything before it's due. Rather than you trying to block time for things manually and having to move them around when they're interrupted by schedule conflicts, Reclaim will just find the time and block it for you.

If you want to really dive deep into Tasks without reading the docs, we recommend watching this short video to get a sense of how the feature works:

Getting started with Tasks

To get started with Tasks, log into Reclaim. From anywhere in Reclaim's UI, you can click the "Create Task" button:

Pro Tip: You can press "C" on your keyboard from anywhere in Reclaim to bring up the Task creator.

From here, you can enter in a little bit of info that Reclaim needs to book your Task. Let's try creating a Task to "Work on pricing research" for 4 hours, due sometime between Monday and Friday of next week:

Pro tip: you can just hit "Tab" on your keyboard to move from field to field in the Task creation form.

You could click Save and create the Task, which would tell Reclaim to block 4 hours for pricing research before next Friday. But let's say we wanted to do a few other things:

  • We want to make it so that Reclaim never schedules less than 2 hours of work at a time for the Task
  • We want to add some notes and a link to an important doc
  • We want to prioritize the Task so it gets top ranking for Reclaim to schedule it
  • We want to make the Task private so others can't see it

To do that, we can add more details to the Task:

Pro tip: hit "Tab" on your keyboard and hit "Enter" on each field to open it or toggle it off/on.

OK, we're feeling pretty good! Let's save this Task. Hit the "Save" button and the Task will be created and scheduled in seconds.

Pro tip: you can press "Cmd" + "Enter" to Save the Task. You can also hit "Esc" if you want to close the Task creation form and come back to the Task later.

That's it! Your first Task is created. Now, let's review what just went into that Task.

What's in a Task?

Tasks contain a few inputs that are required to schedule time:

  • Task name: the name of the task that you're going to work on. This will be used as the event's title on your calendar.
  • Time needed: this is the total number of hours you need to complete the task. Reclaim will automatically break up tasks into different events on your calendar, so feel free to enter as much time as you need here. Tasks must have a minimum of 15 minutes.
  • Due date: this is the date by which the task needs to be scheduled on your calendar.

With just that info, Reclaim can create your Task. There are also extended properties you can add to a Task, which are either set by default by Reclaim or optional:

  • Category (defaults to Solo Work): Reclaim has two types of tasks -- Solo Work and Personal. Solo Work tasks will only be booked during your Working Hours on weekdays only, and Personal tasks will be booked during your Working Hours, but for all days instead of just weekdays. Your Task category will also determine the color of events on your calendar using your Color Coding settings. You can also override the color to use any other color you'd like.
  • Notes (optional): you can add optional notes to the task. This will be added to any events created for the task.
  • Earliest starting date (defaults based on due date): if you don't want to start on a task before a certain date, you can tell Reclaim not to schedule time before a certain date. By default, Reclaim will assign this start date for you depending on the due date you select.
  • Minimum event duration (default of 1h): sometimes you may have tasks that you never want to spend less than a certain amount of time on. For example, if you want to spend 8 hours total on a task called "Write strategy document" and never want to have less than 2 hours scheduled at a time, you'd set this to 2 hours. The default is 1 hour.
  • Maximum event duration (default of 8h): sometimes you may have tasks that you never want to spend more than a certain amount of time on. For example, if you want to spend 8 hours total on a task called "Write strategy document" and never want to have more than 4 hours scheduled at a time, you'd set this to 4 hours. The default is 8 hours.
  • Privacy (default uses your calendar settings): by default, Reclaim will use your calendar privacy settings from Google to determine how your Task will appear to others. You can change the privacy to "private", which will make the Task entirely private regardless of your Google Calendar privacy settings.
  • Priority (default is unprioritized): when creating a Task, you can tell Reclaim whether or not you want to prioritize it in order to get it scheduled sooner than other non-prioritized Tasks and Habits.

What's next?

We recommend you take a moment to read about some of the important concepts in Tasks as well as how they adapt to changes in your schedule. You can also explore the Tasks / Slack integration as well as the Google Tasks integration -- we recommend activating both!

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