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Task filters: Open, Scheduled, Done scheduling, Marked done
Task filters: Open, Scheduled, Done scheduling, Marked done

Understand what the Task filters Open, Scheduled, Done scheduling, Marked done mean.

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Reclaim filters all your Tasks into four categories depending on their status:

  • Open Tasks

  • Scheduled Tasks

  • Tasks done scheduling

  • Tasks marked done

You can filter your task list by state from the Tasks page, or the Planner sidebar under the 'Tasks' tab. These filters allow you to better manage which Tasks you have coming up on the calendar, what might have not gotten done, and keep a record of what all the items you've completed.

What do the Task filters mean?

Let's take a look at what the different 'statuses' of your Tasks mean:


'Open' Tasks are all the items that are not explicitly Marked done. This includes:

  • Tasks that have not yet been scheduled.

  • Tasks that are Scheduled.

  • Tasks that are Done scheduling.


'Scheduled' Tasks are all the items that actively have upcoming time blocks scheduled on your calendar.

You may find some of your new Tasks aren't yet scheduled in this list. That is because Reclaim is actively trying to schedule them, but unable to.

This can happen if you've set the "don't start before" date to beyond the current scheduling window, or if the time constraints are impossible β€” for example, trying to scheduling a Task for 4 hours of continuous time that might never available on your calendar.

Done scheduling

Tasks that are 'done scheduling' are the items for which Reclaim has burned through all the time you said you needed for it. These Tasks don't have any more upcoming events scheduled on the calendar, but still need to be explicitly marked done to confirm you completed them.

This filter is a great checkpoint for whether to-dos were actually finished or not β€” so you can either add more time for the Task to your calendar, or check it off.

Done scheduling Tasks will be marked with a thumbs up πŸ‘ emoji.

You can automate how Reclaim resolves Tasks that are done scheduling by either automatically reopening it (reschedules the original task time back onto your calendar) or close it (mark as done). Learn more about this setting here.

Marked done

Tasks that are 'marked done' are all the Tasks you checked off as completed! To mark a Task as done, click the check mark to the far left of the item on your Tasks page, the Planner, or Priorities page.

If there are future events for that Task that have not yet passed when you mark it as done, Reclaim will remove those from your calendar.

If something else comes up, you can still get a Task that has been marked done back on the calendar by filtering to this state and adding more time.

Tasks that are 'marked done' will be marked with a check mark βœ… emoji.

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