Set your scheduling hours
Set your scheduling hours in Reclaim to tell Reclaim when to block time for different kinds of Tasks, synced calendars, and Smart 1:1s
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Reclaim uses your scheduling hours to know when to schedule your Tasks and Smart 1:1s as well as to selectively sync events from other calendars.

Types of Hours

Working Hours

Hours where Reclaim schedules Solo Work Tasks as well as sync events from other calendars (if you've opted to sync events only during working hours).

Personal Hours

Hours where Reclaim schedules personal Tasks.

Meeting Hours

Hours where Reclaim schedules your Smart 1:1s.

Set your scheduling Hours

  1. Navigate to Settings > Hours

  2. Click on Working Hours, Personal Hours, or Meeting Hours to expand the menu.

  3. Click the days of the week to select or deselect days you want hours set.

  4. Set time ranges per day.

Optional actions:

  • Click the + icon to add additional ranges to a day

  • Click the - icon to remove a range

  • Use Copy to all to take hours from the top of the list and copy to the rest of the days.

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