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Set your Scheduling Hours

Set your Scheduling Hours in Reclaim to tell Reclaim when to block time for your smart calendar events and learn how to create Custom Hours.

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Reclaim uses your Hours to know which days and times to schedule your work and personal smart calendar events, as well as to sync events from other calendars.

You can set your system Meeting, Working, and Personal hours under Settings > Hours, and even create Custom Hours as options for when you want certain events to schedule.

Types of Hours

Working Hours

Your Working Hours are when Reclaim schedules your work Tasks (categorized and color-coded as ‘Solo Work’), work Habits, as well as your work Smart Meetings and select Scheduling Link meetings.

If you are using Calendar Sync and have opted to sync events only during Working hours, this is also when Reclaim will block synced events from your other calendars. Learn more about that here.

Meeting Hours

Your Meeting Hours are when Reclaim schedules your Smart Meetings and Scheduling Link meetings by default.

Personal Hours

Your Personal hours are when Reclaim schedules your personal Tasks and Habits, as well as Smart Meetings and Scheduling Links that you set for Personal Hours.

Custom Hours

Optionally, you can create additional custom time policies with Custom Hours for when you want specific events to schedule (available in all paid plans).

Set your Scheduling Hours

You can manage your Hours in the Reclaim settings.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Hours.

  2. Click on Working Hours, Meeting Hours, or Personal Hours to expand the menu.

  3. Select/deselect the days of the week you want specified events to schedule.

  4. Set the time window you want events to schedule for each selected day.

Optional actions:

  • Add multiple time ranges to a day by clicking the ⊕ icon to the right of the menu. Remove a time range by clicking the ⊖ icon.

  • Click ‘Copy to all’ to apply hours from the top of the list to all selected days.

Changes to your Hours settings are automatically saved and applied to existing and future Reclaim events.

Create Custom Hours

Reclaim can use your Working, Meeting, and Personal hours to schedule any smart event around your preferences. Custom Hours allow you to create additional time policy options outside of these default hours for when you want to schedule certain events.

To create a new set of Custom Hours:

  1. Click the + Custom Hours button.

  2. Set a title and description for your Custom Hours.

  3. Select which smart events you want this time policy to be an option for.

  4. Hit Create to save your new hours.

  5. Once created, customize the days and time windows for that set of Custom Hours.

Your Custom Hours will then show as a scheduling option for the smart events you selected – both for existing events and any new event you create.

Note: Custom Hours are available in Starter, Team, and Enterprise plans. Learn more about how Reclaim pricing works here.

Deleting Custom Hours

To delete Custom Hours, click the three dot menu to the right of the time policy and select ‘Delete’.

Before being able to delete, you will need to choose an alternative time policy or any events that were scheduling during these hours.

Calendar to schedule Tasks on

Under each of your Scheduling Hours, there is also a drop down for 'Calendar to schedule Tasks on'. This setting allows you to toggle which calendar you want to schedule Tasks when they use your Work, Personal, or additional Custom Hours.

For example, you might want to select your personal calendar to schedule Tasks on when they use your Personal Hours, or create Custom Hours for 'Side Gig' to schedule specific Tasks to a different calendar than your primary work calendar.

You can add additional calendars under Settings > Accounts in the app. Learn more in this article.

How to use Scheduling Hours

Set which Hours you want Tasks, Habits, Smart Meetings, and Scheduling Link meetings to schedule by select from the 'Hours' dropdown in that event's details page.

You can pick your Working, Meeting, or Personal Hours, or choose from your available Custom Hours. Hover over the ⓘ of your selected Hours to view a preview of the time policy, or click the link below to navigate to the Hours page to make adjustments.

Reclaim will schedule that event at the best time on your calendar within your set time window for those hours.

Set One-off hours for an Habit, Scheduling Link, or Smart Meetings

If you want your Habit, Scheduling Link, or Smart Meeting to schedule in a separate time window from the Hours you have set up, you can also select ‘One-off hours’ from the dropdown in any Habit, Smart Meeting, or Scheduling Link to create a unique set of hours for that specific Habit, Smart Meeting, or Scheduling Link.

Note: ‘One-off hours’ will apply only to the Reclaim item they are set on and will not be saved as an Hours option for other items in Reclaim. Additionally, you cannot set one-off Hours for Tasks.

Scheduling Hours timezone

All your Hours are set in the timezone displayed on the page. Reclaim uses the timezone you have set in your Google Calendar settings.

If the displayed timezone is not correctly, reference this help doc to learn how to update your hours to the right timezone via Google Calendar settings.

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