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Syncing events around your working hours
Syncing events around your working hours

You can tell Reclaim to only sync events during your working hours, or sync them at all times.

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If you want to ensure that you never get overbooked on a calendar for events from other calendars - including on the weekends or evenings - we highly recommend syncing events at all times.

However, you might have a calendar like a side gig or another work calendar that you only want to sync events from during your working hours (learn more about setting up your scheduling hours in this doc).

Reclaim makes it easy to set preferences for each sync policy that work for you.

Set hours for when Calendar Sync events are copied

You can modify this preference on a per-sync-policy basis (learn more about managing and editing your sync policies in this doc).

For example, you might have a calendar syncing to your work calendar for a side gig that you don't need to sync outside of your working hours. You might also have a personal calendar that you do want to sync outside of your working hours. You can set that preference differently in those two sync policies.

To set when events get synced

  1. Navigate to the Calendar Sync page in Reclaim.

  2. Click on the Sync Policy that you want to modify.

  3. Scroll down to 'Sync outside of working hours?'

  4. Use the toggle on the right to turn on or off this feature.

  5. Click Save changes (if modifying) or Start syncing (if creating a new Sync Policy).

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