If you want to ensure that you never get overbooked on your primary calendar for events from other calendars -- including on the weekends or evenings -- we highly recommend syncing events at all times.

Read here to learn more about modifying your Working Hours in Reclaim.

You can modify this preference on a per-calendar basis. For example, you might have a calendar syncing to your primary calendar for a side gig that you don't need to sync outside of your Working Hours. You might also have a personal calendar that you do want to sync outside of your Working Hours.

To modify this setting, simply go to Settings -> Sync Sources in Reclaim and click on the account that has the calendar you'd like to modify:

Once you've accessed the account, you'll see a list of calendars that are associated with it. Find the calendar you want to modify and click Advanced Options:

Under Advanced Options, you can change preferences for syncing events during your Working Hours:

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