You can customize the type of a calendar that you've synced to Reclaim as well as set a color for all events that come from a source calendar. This is especially useful if you have multiple separate work calendars you want to identify by color.

Change the Calendar Type

The Calendar Type determines what kinds of events Reclaim will look for and color-code using your color coding settings. Reclaim offers three Calendar Types for your synced calendars—Personal, Work, and Travel. Refer to Categories of events for more details.

To customize the Calendar Type

  1. Navigate to Calendar Sync.

  2. Click on the sync policy you want to modify.

  3. Select Personal, Work, or Travel.

  4. Scroll down and click Save changes.

Override the color for synced events

Sometimes, you may want to just assign a single color to all events from a synced calendar to make it easy to distinguish which calendar each event belongs to. For example, if you have three source calendars that are all syncing to a single destination calendar, you may want to make:

  • Source Calendar 1 "blue"

  • Source Calendar 2 "yellow"

  • Source Calendar 3 "green"

When overriding the color for a synced calendar, Reclaim will bypass color settings, and instead will set all events from the source calendar using the selected single color.

Note: Reclaim will still use the Calendar Type to classify events, which means that your Reclaim stats will accurately reflect how your time is split across different categories.

To override the color for a synced calendar

  1. Navigate to Calendar Sync.

  2. Click on the sync policy you want to modify.

  3. Scroll to the section labeled Color.

  4. Click Choose color.

  5. Select a color for synced copies from this calendar.

  6. Scroll down and click Save changes.

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