During onboarding, Reclaim will prompt you to connect one source calendar and one destination calendar. However, if you have more calendars that you want to sync between one another, it's easy to add more sync policies using the Reclaim app.

What is a sync policy?

A sync policy is a set of rules that you give Reclaim for syncing one calendar to another. Sync policies can only move in one direction -- i.e., from Calendar A to Calendar B -- and involve one source calendar and one destination calendar. The policy has several components that you can configure, including:

Viewing and managing your existing sync policies

To see your existing sync policies and customize them, go to Settings -> Calendar Sync. You'll see a list of your existing sync policies there.

You can click on any of the account tabs at the top of the list to filter the list to only sync policies involving calendars from that account. Once you've found a sync policy you want to edit, click on it to see a full list of settings.

Adding a new sync policy

To add a new sync policy, go to Settings -> Calendar Sync. At the bottom of the list, click "+ Create Sync":

A popup will appear prompting you to pick the source account / calendar and the destination account / calendar. Pick the accounts and calendars that you want and then hit "Next" to customize the sync policy:

Customize your sync policy, hit "Start Syncing", and you're on your way!

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