How to select and manage Connected Calendars

Selecting and managing which calendars Reclaim uses to check your availability.

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You can always change which calendars Reclaim uses to check your availability as well as add new emails or accounts containing calendars you want Reclaim to check.

Accessing the Connected Calendars page

Click here to go to your Calendars page. You'll see a list of accounts and calendars that you currently have access to in order to select them as Connected Calendars.

Selecting connected calendars

Click Edit under the Connected calendars section of any account to select which calendars you want Reclaim to check for your availability:

Note: calendars with a grey checkbox are already selected as Connected Calendars by default because they are being used in an existing Calendar Sync. To deselect them, you need to disable or delete the sync that they're being used in. You can click Edit under the Calendar syncs section of any connected account to see the list of syncs that are being used by that account.

Once you've selected the calendars that you want Reclaim to use for your availability, hit Save.

Adding another email / account to select calendars from

If you have another email that contains calendar(s) that you want Reclaim to check for your availability, you can add it by clicking the Add another account button.

This will prompt you to authenticate the account using your credentials. Once you've added the account, you can use the steps above to select connected calendars from it.

Why am I not seeing a calendar?

Certain calendars may not be visible to select. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Insufficient permissions: Reclaim needs full read and write access to a calendar in order to select is as a connected calendar. Calendars that are set to free/busy only won't be shown in the list.

  • Group or holiday calendars: Reclaim won't pick up certain calendars that are used for groups or holiday tracking.

  • Already in another account: If the calendar is already present in another connected email, Reclaim won't display it twice. To locate the calendar, check the other connected emails in your Reclaim account.

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