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Changing your default Task settings
Changing your default Task settings
You can change default settings for your Tasks that will be used for any new tasks you create.
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Reclaim uses a set of defaults for your tasks when you create them -- whether you create them from an integration or within Reclaim -- and you can update them to reflect your common preferences for how tasks should schedule. This doc will explain how to update them.

Updating your task defaults

Navigate to Settings > General page to access Default Task settings. Below is a breakdown of each field and how it impacts task scheduling.


You can update the default duration that Reclaim will use for tasks when they're created.


You can set whether you want Reclaim to use your Personal or Working (Solo Work) hours by default when creating tasks.

Event duration

You can set the default minimum and maximum sizes for events created for a task in Reclaim. This will ensure that Reclaim only creates events that are at least a certain length and no more than a certain length.

Start delay and due date

You can set the default "earliest starting date" for a task as well as the due date you want to use. These are expressed as rolling time windows, so they will always be relative to the time when you create a task. For example, if you pick 1hr for your Delay start and 3 days for your Due in, all new tasks will start no sooner than 1h from creation and will be due within 3 days from that time.


You can set the default privacy for tasks that are created to either make them private to all others, or to use your default calendar privacy settings.

Tasks that are done scheduling

You can let Reclaim automatically reopen or close your tasks after a cooldown period by default by selecting one of three options here. For more info, read this doc.

When are default Task settings applied?

Updated settings will apply to newly created Tasks, but will not affect existing Tasks.

Default Task settings are applied to

  • Tasks created via the Reclaim app.

  • Tasks synced from our integrations.

Default Task settings are not applied to

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