By default, Tasks in Reclaim have default preferences set for:

  • Task Duration: the total time to be scheduled for a Task event (default: 1 hr).

  • Hours: whether you want Tasks to scheduling during Personal or Work hours (default: Solo Work). Learn more about setting your scheduling hours here.

  • Event Duration: how long Task events should be scheduled for at a time, minimum (default: 1 hr) maximum (default: 2 hrs).

  • Start delay: if Reclaim should wait to schedule new tasks or schedule them right away (default: No delay).

  • Due date: how many days out to schedule a Task's deadline, if not specified (default: 3 days).

  • Visibility: how others see Task events on your calendar (default: calendar privacy settings from Google) .

When are default Task settings applied?

Default Task settings are applied to Tasks

  • created via the Reclaim app

  • Tasks synced from our integrations.

Default Task settings are not applied to Tasks

Edit default Task settings

You can change the defaults for Task settings by navigating to Settings > General.

Updated settings will apply to new Tasks moving forward, but will not affect existing Tasks.

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