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Sync ClickUp tasks to your Reclaim Scheduling Hours
Sync ClickUp tasks to your Reclaim Scheduling Hours

How to sync your ClickUp tasks to your Personal, Working, or Custom Hours in Reclaim.

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Once you have your ClickUp integration set up, you can specify which Hours you want your ClickUp items to sync to. Choose from your default Personal or Work Hours, or create new Custom Hours to auto-schedule events at specific days and times.

Sync ClickUp tasks to Work or Personal Hours

To specify which hours your ClickUp tasks sync to, you can configure the sync rules for ClickUp tasks from your integration settings page in the app from Settings > Integrations > ClickUp settings.

Default ClickUp labels by Reclaim

Reclaim creates two default tags upon installation of the integration: one to sync tasks to your Personal Hours with the tag reclaim_personal and another to sync tasks to your Working Hours with the tag Reclaim. Tagging a task in ClickUp with these tags will schedule them to the specified Hours.

You can choose to delete these once you have your integration set up and use your own tags instead.

Adding custom ClickUp tags

The labels you can select from are synced from ClickUp, so if you want to additional tags to organize your tasks, you will need to create those in ClickUp.

You can create new tags in ClickUp by clicking the 'tag' icon on an item and searching for or creating a new tag.

Create new sync rules

Set up additional rules for how Reclaim syncs your ClickUp tasks by clicking + Add rule at the bottom left.

​Then, configure the rule for which spaces and tags it should apply to, and select the Hours you'd like these tasks to schedule during.

Space(s) selected

Space(s) selected

Includes tag(s)

Sync items in the selected spaces also tagged with the set label.

Sync all items including the selected tag.

No tag selected

Sync all items in the selected spaces, without a tag.

⚠️ Rules must have at least one space and/or tag selected to sync items.

Sync ClickUp tasks to Custom Hours

Beyond scheduling your ClickUp tasks to just your Work and Personal Hours — you can use Custom Hours to build out additional options for specific days or time ranges you want to schedule certain ClickUp items. This is a great way to day theme your calendar.

💡 Use case: Deep and shallow work for ClickUp tasks

For an example of how you can use sync rules to automatically day theme your calendar, let's walkthrough how you can organize your ClickUp tasks to automatically schedule in the calendar for deep work or shallow work times.

Step 1: Set up Custom Hours for deep and shallow work

  1. Navigate to your Hours Settings in the Reclaim app.

  2. Click the + Custom Hours button.

  3. Enter a name (ex. "Deep Work" "Deep Focus Hours," etc.).

  4. Add a description for your Custom Hours.

  5. Select the smart calendar events you would like to schedule during these hours (for deep work, consider selecting longer time ranges so you can get into a flow state for demanding tasks).

  6. Hit Create and select the days and time ranges you want to schedule items for deep work.

  7. Repeat the process to create another Custom Hours policy for when you want to schedule shallow work.

Step 2: Create Tags in ClickUp

Once you have these custom time policies in place, you can use ‘tags’ to categorize your ClickUp tasks, and Reclaim will schedule them in your specified deep work or shallow work hours:

  1. In the ClickUp dashboard of your integrated Space, create a new task.

  2. Above the task name, click the "Edit tags" button.

  3. Create two tags for your deep work and shallow work (ex. "deep_work" and "shallow_work").

  4. Give your task the appropriate tag based on the type of work it is.

  5. Click the "Assign" button near the top of the page and assign the task to yourself.

  6. Click the flag icon next to the "Assign" button to set the priority of the task (the priority levels will be mapped over to Reclaim).

  7. Click the "Estimate" button in the right-hand corner of the task window and enter the estimated time necessary for the task.

  8. Finally, click the calendar icon next to the "Estimate" button to add a due date.

Step 3: Set up sync rules in Reclaim

  1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations > ClickUp settings to manage your sync rules.

  2. Click the + Add Rule button.

  3. In the "Space" dropdown, select the ClickUp space integrated with Reclaim containing your tasks. (If you are unable to complete this step, check if you've enabled your Tags, Time Estimates, Time Tracking ClickApps (learn more in the overview doc).

  4. In the "Tag" dropdown, select your deep work tag.

  5. In the "Hours" dropdown, select your deep work Custom Hours.

  6. Repeat these steps above for the shallow work tag and Hours.

Your tagged ClickUp tasks will automatically schedule to your select Hours according to your sync rules!

Learn how to auto-schedule your ClickUp tasks to specific days and/or time ranges for deep and shallow work using sync rules and Custom Hours.

*Custom Hours are available on all paid plans.

Set fallback rules for synced ClickUp tasks

If for any reason your ClickUp tasks can't by synced to the rules you have set up (for example, if no ClickUp tasks fit your rules, or a tag is deleted) — you can set up fallback rules for how you want Reclaim to handle scheduling.

Under "If the above rules aren't a match..." select:

  • Don't sync ClickUp tasks: Reclaim won't schedule synced ClickUp tasks if they don't match your rules.

  • Sync ClickUp tasks during specific hours: Select a default set of Hours you want Reclaim to schedule items if they don't match the specific sync rules you have set

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