Sync an Asana task to Reclaim

How to sync your Asana tasks to your Reclaim tasks.

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Reclaim requires one piece of information to sync an Asana task:

  • Time Estimate: the amount of time that you want Reclaim to block for the task.

Sync your Asana task

Find your task in Asana and open the task details by clicking Details.

Click on the Schedule via Reclaim button. A modal will appear prompting you to add a Time Estimate as well as an Earliest Schedule Date. The Earliest Schedule Date tells Reclaim the earliest time to schedule time blocks for this task.
Select which hours you want Reclaim to sync your Task during.

Click the Sync button. The Asana task will be synced to Reclaim.

How Reclaim handles due dates on Asana tasks

The Asana integration allows you to manage due dates on a per-task basis from within the Asana UI:

  • If there is no due date set in the Sync Task to Reclaim widget then the task is imported with no due date.

  • If you set a due date in the widget then that is used as the due date in Reclaim.

Sync an Asana task to multiple members on an Asana project

If Reclaim as already been added to an Asana task, other members will need to authenticate their Reclaim account by copying the link that appears when clicking the Schedule via Reclaim button on a task and pasting it into their browser.

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