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Overview: Reclaim's integration with Asana
Overview: Reclaim's integration with Asana

Use Reclaim's Asana integration to sync tasks between Asana and Reclaim.

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Reclaim integrates with Asana to automatically sync issues from your Asana projects to your calendar and block time for them so you actually have time defended to get work done before deadlines.

Requirements for the Asana integration

  • You must have a Reclaim account with a calendar connected.

  • You must have an Asana account.

  • You must do this via web browser and not the Asana desktop or mobile app.

  • You must install the Reclaim app in your Asana project(s).

  • Asana tasks must have a time estimate, and you must click the Sync button.

Set up the Asana integration

  1. Click Connect Asana on the Asana integration card.

  2. You'll be prompted to login to Asana if you're not already logged in. If you are logged in, you'll see a Connect Reclaim to Asana page. Click Connect to Reclaim.

  3. You will be directed to a screen prompting you to give permissions to Reclaim to read your tasks from Asana. Click the Allow button.

  4. Then select the projects where you want the integration to be added. You can add Reclaim to multiple projects.

Asana integration setup issues

Depending on whether you start from the Asana side or Reclaim side, you will see a white background with a button that says "Click here to finish the integration," but the integration is still not set up.

This can be determined when going back to Asana, you get a warning that says "Waiting for authorization" with a "Connecting..." button loading.

The likely causes for this are:

  1. You are installing the integration via Asana's desktop app. You must install via the web browser.

  2. You have a pop-up blocker on your browser.

How to fix this

  1. Ensure you are installing through your browser rather than Asana's desktop app.

  2. Disable any pop-up blockers in your browser.

How to add Reclaim to new Asana projects

Within Asana, you can add Reclaim to your projects regardless of having multiple workspaces.

Note: You'll need to do this from a web browser and not the Asana desktop app.

Navigate to your Asana project, and then click Customize button in the top right corner of your project.

A side-panel will expand showing customization options. Click on Apps or scroll down to the Apps section.

Click the area inside the dotted box labeled + Add App.

Search and click the Reclaim box under the Made by Developers section to add Reclaim to your Asana project.

Once added, you can close out of the Add Apps module and Customize module.

Note: If you don’t see the those options, contact your Asana Admin to give permissions to either customize projects, add applications, or both.

Sync Asana tasks to your calendar

Reclaim requires one piece of information to sync an Asana task:

  • Time estimate: the amount of time that you want Reclaim to block for the task.

Find your task in Asana and open the task details by clicking Details.

Click on the Schedule via Reclaim button. A modal will appear prompting you to add a Time Estimate as well as an Earliest Schedule Date. The Earliest Schedule Date tells Reclaim the earliest time to schedule time blocks for this task.

Select which hours you want Reclaim to sync your Task during.

Click the Sync button. The Asana task will be synced to Reclaim.

How Reclaim prioritizes synced Asana tasks

Tasks synced via Reclaim's Asana integration will automatically honor the priority levels in Reclaim to the priority you marked the task as in Asana.

Priority in Asana

Priority mapped in Reclaim


*If you select 'Custom' priority in Asana for a synced item, you will be prompted to select your preferred priority level for Reclaim when creating the task.

Critical (P1)
High priority (P2)
Medium priority (P3)
Low priority (P4)

You can change the priority level of a synced task in Reclaim to adjust how the event is scheduled by Reclaim – but this will not update the priority in Asana. If you want to update the priority of a synced task in the platform it was created in, you must do so from the source event in the app.

Learn more about how Reclaim Priorities work in this overview doc.

How Reclaim Tasks display in Synced Asana tasks

Any task that has been synced as Task in Reclaim will look like this in Asana:

In Google Calendar and the Reclaim Planner, the automatically scheduled task will be named Project: Task title and include a link to the Asana task in the event description.

Sync an Asana task to multiple members on an Asana project

If Reclaim has already been added to an Asana task, other members will need to authenticate their Reclaim account by copying the link that appears when clicking the Schedule via Reclaim button on a task and pasting it into their browser.

Disconnecting the Asana integration

To disconnect the Asana integration from Reclaim, head over to your Asana integration settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Disconnect.

Removing Reclaim from Asana projects

Admins can go in and remove Reclaim from the Asana account from the Settings > Apps section of Asana and click Deauthorize. This will end the sync between Reclaim and Asana.

Alternatively, a non-admin user can navigate to the Settings > Integrations in Reclaim and click the Disconnect button.

In order to remove the "Schedule via Reclaim" scheduler within the Asana task, admins will need to also remove Reclaim from the individual project.

Click Customize, then Apps, and then the pencil icon to edit the Reclaim app. Once that is clicked, admins can remove the scheduler from the project.

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