This article will cover everything you need to know to use Reclaim's ClickUp integration, which automatically syncs tasks created in ClickUp to scheduled Tasks in Reclaim. It's a great way to make sure that you actually get time blocked in your calendar for the things you need to do in ClickUp.

Requirements for using the integration

  • You must have a Clickup account

  • You must have a Reclaim account with a main calendar connected.

ClickUp Configuration

ClickUp allows the enabling/disabling of ‘ClickApps’ at the Space level within their product. Reclaim relies on several of these to be enabled so that ClickUp tasks can include the necessary elements to be scheduled via Reclaim. The ClickApps we rely upon are:

  • Tags

  • Time Estimates

  • Time Tracking

Some ClickApps add functionality which Reclaim does not completely support (yet.) In particular, ClickUp Spaces are often configured to support multiple assignees on one task. Reclaim will only evaluate the first assignee in the list of assignees it sees when syncing tasks.

Setting up the integration for the first time

To get started with ClickUp, go to Settings -> Integrations. You'll see a list of integrations. Click "Connect ClickUp" on the ClickUp integration:

This will prompt you to log into ClickUp, and you'll see a screen asking you to connect some ClickUp Workspaces to Reclaim. Choose any set of Workspaces from which you want to sync tasks to Reclaim. Once you click the connect button on that page, you'll be automatically redirected back to the integration's settings page.

Integration settings

Once you're on the settings page for the ClickUp integration, you'll see a couple of settings to customize how and when Reclaim syncs issues from your items in ClickUp.

There are two main settings on this page:

  • Spaces to sync items from: Reclaim will automatically display the list of Spaces associated with the currently displayed Workspace settings, minus any Spaces without the required ClickApps enabled. You can select which Spaces should have the integration enabled.

  • Explicit vs. automatic item sync: by default, Reclaim will only sync Reclaim items from your selected Spaces which have the reclaim or reclaim_personal label applied in ClickUp. (Reclaim will automatically create those labels if they don’t exist.) This lets you choose what to sync item by item, as well as whether Reclaim should schedule a task during your work or personal hours. You can also elect to sync any item in the set of selected Spaces. If you turn on that mode, Reclaim will add the reclaim label to any tasks that it syncs to help make it clear the sync has occurred.

How Reclaim Tasks display in synced ClickUp tasks

When Reclaim syncs a ClickUp task, it adds a comment to the task with a link to the Reclaim Task and the date/time for the associated calendar event. As time burns down in Reclaim for that task, the comment text is updated to reflect that progress, as well as to indicate whether the task is at risk based on the due date you may have selected in ClickUp.

Any ClickUp task that has been synced as a Task in Reclaim will look like this:

ClickUp task population requirements

Reclaim needs several fields of a ClickUp task to be populated before it has enough information to schedule it for you:

  • Assignee - the task needs to be assigned to a user (generally yourself) who has the Reclaim integration enabled for Reclaim to know whose Reclaim account (and calendar) to use.

  • Start and End dates - the task needs a start and end date set to create a time window within which to schedule the task.

  • Time Estimate - the task needs the estimate populated so Reclaim can know how much time to schedule.

How Reclaim completes/un-completes ClickUp tasks

Once all the scheduled time for a Reclaim Task has burned down, that task moves to the ‘Done Scheduling’ state, which will be indicated on the ClickUp task comment showing Reclaim status. However, if you explicitly mark the Reclaim task as done, it moves to the ‘Done’ state in Reclaim and is considered completed.

That change on the Reclaim side will cause the ClickUp Task to be marked as completed. If you reopen the Reclaim task, the ClickUp task will be un-completed and will show back up in the ClickUp list(s) as something to do.

If you mark a ClickUp task as complete which has been synced to Reclaim, the associated Reclaim Task will be archived, and any time scheduled for that task will be removed from your calendar.

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