Overview: Reclaim's integration for Slack

Automatically sync your Slack status to your schedule and manage your calendar in Slack.

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Reclaim's integration for Slack empowers you to keep your calendar in sync with your Slack status automatically using Slack Status Sync, share your availability with colleagues in Slack automatically via Scheduling Links, as well as manage your agenda and take action on Reclaim-scheduled events.

This document will provide an overview of how to install Reclaim's integration for Slack as well as what kinds of things you can do with it.

Install Reclaim's integration for Slack

To install Reclaim's integration for Slack in your workspace, you'll need to first add it as a Slack app. You can do this:

Regardless of which installation route you choose, you'll be prompted to add the Slack integration and provide permissions on your workspace, and then once the app in Slack is installed you'll be prompted to connect your Reclaim account within Slack.

Once you complete these steps, the integration will be linked with your Reclaim account and you can start using it.

Key features of Reclaim's integration for Slack

When you navigate to the Apps section of your Slack workspace, you'll see the Reclaim app there. When you click it, you'll see three top-level tabs: Home, Messages, and About.

  • Home: this is where the bulk of the integration's features live.

  • Messages: this is where Reclaim's integration for Slack will send notifications.

  • About: this is where you can see more info about the integration and configure it for your Slack workspace.

For the purposes of this document, we're mainly going to focus on the features within the Home tab.


Under the Agenda tab of the integration within the Home page, you can see your events for any given day, along with links to the calendar, actions to join meetings, start or reschedule Reclaim-managed events, and more. You can also use the timepicker to select any date where you'd like to see events.

You can also pull up your agenda from anywhere in Slack by typing the command /reclaim agenda and hitting enter.

Tip: use the ... button next to certain events to access even more actions.


Under the Tasks tab of the integration within the Home page, you can see and modify all the Tasks you've created within Reclaim, as well as create new tasks.

Every task here has actions you can take to start it sooner, reschedule it, mark it done, or edit its details (e.g., due date, priority, title, and so on) using the ... menu. To create a new task, click New Task:

Tip: you can also create Reclaim tasks from anywhere in Slack using / commands. For example, to create a work task called "Catch up on metrics" with a Critical Priority in Up Next, with a duration of 30 minutes & due tomorrow you'd write reclaim work task Catch up on metrics (critical upnext duration:30 mins, due:tomorrow).

Create a Task from a Slack message

You can also create Tasks directly from Slack messages to schedule time for follow-ups. This is very similar to the workflow for creating Tasks from Gmail. To do this:

  1. Click on the three dots labeled More actions to the right of a Slack message.

  2. Select More message shortcuts at the bottom of the pop-up options.

  3. Search for and select "Reclaim" or "Create a task"

  4. This will bring up a window that converts a Slack message into a Reclaim task.

Scheduling Links

From the Scheduling Links tab under the Home page of the app, you can access all of your Reclaim Scheduling Links as well as create brand-new ones.

Click on the title of any Scheduling Link to open it up or copy it to paste into a Slack message.

You can share a Scheduling Link in any channel or message by using /scheduling-link. If you only have one scheduling link, it will share it automatically, and if you have multiple ones, you'll be prompted to select which one you want to share:


Under the Settings tab in the Home page, you can modify your Slack Status Sync settings as well as your Notifications preferences for the integration. For a much deeper guide on how to use Slack Status Sync, check out this guide.

You can also access Settings anytime by typing /reclaim settings from anywhere in Slack.

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