Overview: Reclaim's integration with Zoom

Reclaim's Zoom integration enables you to sync your Slack status to Zoom calls and create meetings with Zoom links

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Reclaim's Zoom integration offers two powerful features to help you better manage your calendar and keep your Slack status up-to-date with videoconference meetings:

Sync your Slack status to Zoom

With Reclaim's Zoom integration enabled alongside Reclaim's Slack integration, Reclaim will automatically set your Slack status when you join a Zoom meeting as well as clear it when you leave the meeting—even if there's no event on your calendar associated with the Zoom meeting. Learn more at Sync your Slack status to Zoom meetings.

Set up meetings (Smart 1:1s and Scheduling Links) with Zoom links

The integration enables you to add Zoom links to your Smart 1:1s or Scheduling Links so you can create meetings with other over Zoom without worrying about sending links back and forth or updating a link.

Requirements for using Reclaim's Zoom integration

In order to use Reclaim's Zoom integration, you must:

  • Have a valid Reclaim account and login credentials, and;

  • Have a valid Zoom account and login credentials, and;

  • Your Zoom workspace must allow for third-party integrations to be added.

If you plan to use the Zoom integration for syncing your Slack status to Zoom meetings, you must also have Reclaim's Slack integration added to a valid Slack workspace as well as have Status Sync turned on.

Install Reclaim's Zoom integration

  1. Locate the Zoom integration panel and click Connect Zoom.

  2. You will be directed to Zoom's login page (if you're not already authenticated in your Zoom account). Login using your Zoom account credentials.

  3. Once you've authenticated, a screen will appear prompting you to install the integration. Review and approve the permissions and click Install.

Uninstall Reclaim's Zoom integration

  1. Login to your Zoom account, if necessary.

  2. Locate the Reclaim app.

  3. Click Uninstall.

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