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Scheduling Links overview and setup
Scheduling Links overview and setup

A brief overview of the different ways in which you can use Scheduling Links, and how to get started with them.

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What are Scheduling Links?

Scheduling Links enable you to send links to you and your team's availability, allowing others to book time across one or many calendars. There are lots of products out there that let you do this, but Reclaim has a few key differentiators that make its Scheduling Links feature extremely powerful.

High Priority Links

It's common to move events around on your calendar in order to make room for important meetings you want to have sooner.

Reclaim manages this automatically with High-Priority links, which provide you and your team's maximum availability by treating Habits, Tasks, Smart 1:1s and Decompression Time as free, even if those events are currently marked as busy. All other events besides Habits, Tasks, Smart 1:1s and Decompression Time will be treated as unavailable.

Flexible Durations

It's not always clear how much time someone might want to book with you when you're trying to get a meeting scheduled, and it can be awkward trying to decide whether to send a 30-minute link, a 45-minute link, or something else altogether.

With Reclaim, you can add up to three different durations on a single link, which attendees can pick from to decide how much time they need, and how soon they want to meet.

Team Links

Sometimes you might need to coordinate time across multiple members of your team. For example, you might have a sales call that involves your product manager, the account executive, and an engineer.

With Reclaim, you can create Team Links that will automatically show the combined availability of multiple teammates, as well as allow each co-organizer to select their unique meeting preferences.

Link Groups

Link Groups allow you to group together similar links into a booking page that will present an array of options to potential attendees.

For example, you might have a selection of links that are specific to your engineering team that you send to potential interview candidates, and you may want them all to live on a specific booking page.

Setting up Scheduling Links for the first time

When you first land on the Scheduling Links page in Reclaim, you'll be prompted to go through a short onboarding where you'll learn a bit about Scheduling Links as well as claim your custom URL.

This is the root URL that will be used for your personal booking page, and you can always change it later as well as add new URLs for Link Groups in the future.

Once you've set up Scheduling Links, you'll get a set of three default links to help you get started. You can modify or delete these however you'd like. Then you'll be landed on your main Scheduling Links interface, which will have actions for adding new Scheduling Links as well as Link Groups.

Want to learn more about how to get the most out of Scheduling Links? Check out the links below.

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