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Customizing and Sharing Scheduling Links
Personalizing and sharing one-off links and times from Scheduling Links
Personalizing and sharing one-off links and times from Scheduling Links

Learn how to personalize and send one-off custom Scheduling Links as well as share times for specific meetings.

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You might run into instances where you want to adjust specific meeting details without creating a whole new Scheduling Link, or share times manually to let someone know when you're available to meet.

By personalizing and sharing times from your links, you can create a customized experience for your attendees via a link that isn't added to your main booking page or saved in your Scheduling Links interface.

Why send a personalized one-off link?

There are several reasons you might choose to personalize and share a custom link:

  • You might want to limit (or expand) the time range when someone can book

  • You might want to include another co-organizer for that instance only

  • You may want to only share times or add some text to make the experience "friendlier" for your attendees

  • You may want to customize the link and title to personalize the meeting

  • You may not want to share your main Scheduling Link for privacy reasons

By personalizing your links and/or sharing times, you can ensure that your attendees get a really tailored, customized booking experience.

How to start personalizing your links

You can personalize and share times from any existing link, including Team Links that you are listed as a co-organizer on. Simply click the ... from any Scheduling Link card and select Personalize & share.

This will open up the form for personalizing your link and sharing times:

From here, you can select Personalize to customize the scheduling link to the needs of your meeting:

Here's a short rundown of the fields you can edit and access in the Personalize link form shown above:


  • Invitee email: enter in the email of the person you're inviting to a meeting so that it's prefilled for them when they visit the booking page.

  • Invitee name: enter in the name of the person you're inviting to a meeting so that it's prefilled for them when they visit the booking page.

  • Booking page title: customize the title of the booking page that will show when the attendee visits the page.

  • Meeting title: customize the title of meetings that will be created from the custom link.

  • Organizers / Hours: add or remove other organizers to check availability from and invite to the meeting, as well as set their and your hours.


  • Priority: select the priority of the link to open up more or less availability based on your priorities set in Reclaim.

  • Durations: add or remove durations and change which duration to show by default.

  • Earliest time: set how soon attendees can book meetings.

  • Latest time: set how far out attendees can book meetings.

  • Buffers: choose whether you want to have Travel and Decompression Time enabled; this impacts the availability shown on the link.

Link options

  • URL: customize the URL for the one-off link.

  • Locations: set one or more locations for the booking page that your attendees can choose from.

  • Reminder: choose whether or not to send a reminder email ahead of the meeting start time, and customize the reminder text.

Once you've customized everything you want in your one-off link, you can select Copy link to preview it, and you can also edit it from that URL. Edits made to one-off links will never apply to the original scheduling link, so feel free to edit one-off links as much as you want.

Note: make sure to save the URL if you plan to edit this custom one-off link later, as it won't appear in your list of Scheduling Links. You can still edit and use the link by accessing it from its URL as a logged-in user for up to 30 days from creation, after which it will expire and no longer work.

Sharing times from Scheduling Links

Sometimes you may want to share a link directly with someone, and sometimes you may want to just share a few times so that you can guide attendees to pick a particular time, or so that you don't come off as "rude" for sending just a link.

For any existing or one-off link, you can share times from up to 5 different dates and paste it into email, chat, or any other forum.

To do this, start by selecting the Personalize & share option under the ... on any Scheduling Link. You will see this window appear:

From here, select the dates that you want to share times from. You can always deselect dates or select new ones until you find the right ones for your meeting:

Then, you can select the times you want to share with someone by simply clicking on them under each date:

Once you're happy with the times you've selected, click Preview to be taken to the last step, where you can choose how you'd like to share your times:

The Copy as option allows you to decide how you'd like to share the times:

  • Buttons: times are shown as HTML buttons, which will render in most email clients and will show links if HTML buttons aren't supported. These links will take the attendee directly to the time in the booking page.

    • Show ranges: if selected, the time range for the booking slot will be shown instead of just the start time.

  • Text: times are shown in plain text, which can be pasted anywhere.

    • Include links: if selected, each time will be hyperlinked to the booking page to make it easy for people to book.

    • Show ranges: if selected, the time range for the booking slot will be shown instead of just the start time. Note: if you don't select Include links with this option selected, Reclaim will automatically collapse contiguous ranges as shown below.

You can also customize the template that is shown above to add your friendly text of choice. Reclaim will remember the last edit you made to the template, so you don't have to edit this every time if you usually use the same phrase when sharing your times. Click Edit in the top right corner of the preview area to change the template:

As shown above, you can use template variables to include things like the default duration of the meeting, a link to the booking page, the times you're sharing, as well as the timezone you want the times to be in. Once you're ready, select Copy times and you can then paste these anywhere you want:

Personalize and share from Google Calendar and Gmail

You can also access this experience directly from Google Calendar or Gmail with the free Reclaim add-on. Learn more about using Scheduling Links with the Google Workspace add-on here.

Personalize and share from Raycast

You can also access this experience directly from Raycast with the free Reclaim Raycast extension.

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