Creating and customizing Scheduling Links

How to create your first Scheduling Link, as well as more details about what settings you can apply to them.

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To create your first Scheduling Link, first navigate to the Scheduling Links page. Then click the Create Scheduling Link button.

Settings on Scheduling Links

There are a variety of settings you can modify for Scheduling Links. Here's a brief overview of each one.


This is the title of the Scheduling Link. It will show at the top of any booking page you send to your prospective attendees. You can always change this.


This is where you can decide which Link Group your Scheduling Link should live in. If you add a link to a group, it will show on that group's booking page. There are two special options here:

  • Hidden: this will hide the link from any of your booking pages, but you can still send it to others.

  • Main booking page: this will put the link on the booking page you created during onboarding.


This description will show at the top of a booking page when attendees go to book time with you.

Calendar Event Title

This will determine how events created on your calendar for that Scheduling Link will be titled. You can use {organizer} to automatically fill in the main organizer's name (or your name, if you're the only organizer on the meeting) as well as {attendee} to show the name of the person who's booking the meeting.

Meeting organizers and hours

By default, you will be the only organizer on the Scheduling Link, but this is where you can also add other organizers, provided they are part of your team in Reclaim. For each organizer, you can set the hours where meetings should be scheduled. All organizers on a link will be able to see and modify the link.

Scheduling Link URL

This is the URL path for the link that you're creating. By default, it will use the title of the Scheduling Link, but you can modify it to whatever you like.


This is where you can add the amount of time you want attendees to be able to book via the Scheduling Link. You can add up to three different durations to a Scheduling Link to give your attendees flexibility.

Calendar to schedule events on

Set the target calendar you want your Scheduling Link events to be booked on from any of the Connected Calendars added to your Reclaim account. Events for that Scheduling Link will be booked on the primary calendar of the connected email you selected. Note that your meeting invites for that Scheduling Link will also be sent from here.

If you do not see the calendar you want to schedule to: click Add new calendar, and Add another account from your Connected Calendars page.

Scheduling range (starting)

This determines the earliest date to present available times to your attendees on the Scheduling Link's booking page. Regardless of what scheduling range start time you select, Reclaim will never show times available that are outside of your Scheduling Link's specified availability.

  • Rolling time window: available times will be shown after a rolling number of minutes, hours, or days.

  • Start of next bookable day: available times will be shown at the start of the next eligible day.

  • Start of next bookable week: available times will be shown at the start of the next eligible week.

  • Date: available times will be shown on or after a fixed date.

Scheduling Range (ending)

This determines how far out attendees can book meetings for the Scheduling Link. Again, regardless of what time window you select, Reclaim will never show times available that are outside of your Scheduling Link's specified availability.

  • Rolling time window: times will be shown out as far as a rolling number of days. The maximum is 100 days.

  • Date: times will be shown out as far as a fixed date.


This setting determines the priority of the Scheduling Link, and how much availability it will surface up to attendees. Higher-priority Scheduling Links will show lower-priority events as available time, even if they're marked busy. This is especially powerful if you also opt to adjust the priority of normal recurring events via Reclaim's Planner.

Want to learn more about how to use priorities to send smarter Scheduling Links? Check out this doc.

Max meetings per day/week

You can optionally set a maximum number of events that can be booked for a specific Scheduling Link per day, or week.

Videoconferencing / Location

You can set multiple locations for a single Scheduling Link and your attendees can pick from them when booking a meeting. Today, you can pick from the following location types:

  • Zoom: if you have Reclaim's Zoom integration set up, you can have Reclaim automatically add a Zoom link for your scheduled meetings.

  • Google Meet: if you have Reclaim's Google Meet integration set up, you can have Reclaim automatically add a Google Meet link for your scheduled meetings.

  • Address: you can type in one or more addresses that attendees can pick from when scheduling.

  • Phone number: you can enter in a phone number that attendees can call when it's time to meet.

  • Custom: you can enter in any other kind of location (e.g., a non-address location or a URL for a video conferencing provider like Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex that aren't supported natively like Zoom and Google Meet) into this field.

A few notes about locations:

  • You can set a location that your Scheduling Link will use by default, which is handy if you want attendees to generally use Zoom, for example.

  • Reclaim will automatically populate the location into the "Location" field of the event when it is scheduled.

  • If you have Decompression and/or Travel Time enabled, Reclaim will automatically present only times that allow for those buffers. For example, if you have set a physical location (e.g., an address) for a Scheduling Link, Reclaim will only show times available that allow for travel time when an attendee is booking a meeting.

Add screening questions

Add any custom fields for additional information or screening questions before a meeting is booked to qualify invitees through your Scheduling Links (available on all paid plans).

Send reminder email

You can choose to enable an email reminder to send to attendees a set time ahead of your meeting start.

Enable the toggle, and set how many hours in advance you want the reminder to send. Optionally add a custom message that will be included in the email.

Note that enabling email reminders for already scheduled meetings must give more than the set amount of time in advance for the reminder to send out.

Future scheduled meetings with that link will automatically apply the email reminder settings.

Set redirect URL

Include a link to a landing page or other URL to redirect schedulers to a custom page after booking a meeting through your link (available on Business and Enterprise plans).

Meeting breaks settings

You can disable meeting breaks for a specific link to create more availability for your Scheduling Link.

When a Scheduling Link includes multiple organizers from your team, Reclaim will honor the longest buffer time settings from the organizers if 'Meeting Breaks' are enabled.

For example, if organizer A and B have 15-minute Decompression Time set, but organizer C has a 30-minutes โ€“ Reclaim will surface up available time slots that allow for a 30-minute break after the meeting.

We recommend disabling meeting breaks for Scheduling Links with multiple organizers to maximize availability.

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