Set Travel Time for events

Reclaim will automatically add travel time blocks to your events to ensure you have time to get from place to place.

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What is Travel Time?

Reclaim can automatically add travel time to your events on your calendar (including synced events added through Reclaim's Calendar Sync feature) so you have time to go from place to place.

Travel time will automatically stay in sync with changes to events. For example, if an event is rescheduled, the travel time blocks will move with it. If you change the time duration of travel time blocks, we will preserve that change and not attempt to override it.


  • The feature will only schedule Travel Time if there is free time before/after the event. If you have a busy event right before or after or you have an all-day busy event, it might not schedule.

  • The feature will only schedule Travel Time on the primary / main calendar that Reclaim blocks time on, and will only schedule Travel Time after events that are marked busy.

  • Travel Time does not check the location in a maps database (for privacy reasons). It is meant to do rough time blocking to prevent double booking, not tell you the duration of your commute. If you're finding that Travel Time isn't being added to an event, first check to make sure it's a fully formed address, with at least two commas. For example 123 Main St, Portland will not work, but 123 Main St, Portland, OR 97123 will work.

Turn on Travel Time

  1. Navigate to Settings > General

  2. Under Buffer Times, click the toggle button next to Add travel time before and after events.

  3. Add a default time duration for your Travel Time.

Visibility for Travel Time

Travel Time is scheduled for an event on your main calendar will be as public, meaning others will be able to see you Travel Time.

Travel Time scheduled for an event on a synced calendar will follow the visibility setting of your Sync Policy. Learn more at Manage privacy of synced events.

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