We believe that a great calendar communicates just enough context to people who want to book time with you. Rather than just limiting you to the privacy options provided by Google Calendar, we've created a variety of ways for you to show details of synced event copies on destination calendars.

Change privacy options for synced events

Before you set your privacy settings, be sure to select the Calendar Type so that your privacy options properly reflect the kind of events being synced.

  1. Navigate to Calendar Sync page

  2. Click the Sync Policy to enter the edit page.

  3. Scroll down to the Visibility section

  4. Select from the list of privacy setting options.

  5. Click Save changes.

Note: Visibility options are available on our Pro plan and above. Customers on the Free plan will only have the option of Personal Commitment for all or Work Commitment for all.

Visibility options

Personal / Work / Travel Commitment

Synced events on your destination calendar will show that you're busy for either a Work / Travel / Personal Commitment—depending on the selected Calendar Type—and will make them publicly visible to others who view your destination calendar. The idea is to show people that you're busy for something specific, but without giving away all the details of the source event.


  • This privacy setting will use the term "Personal / Travel / Work Commitment" for almost all events, with the exception of flights. If Reclaim detects a flight on your calendar, it will be synced over as "Flight".

  • There is no way for an IT admin to view event details with the current "Busy" sync policy.

Busy for all

People who view your destination calendar will see synced events show as Busy, with no other details. This setting is most similar to setting your Google Calendar to private so that people can't see any details of the events on your schedule.


  • There is no way for an IT admin to view event details with the current "Busy" sync policy.

Event details only for you, busy to most others

This setting will mark the synced event as private, meaning others will just see it as busy, but will allow you to see all the event's details including the description, location, and video/audio conference details.

Note: if you've given others "make changes to events" permissions for your calendar in Google as outlined here, they will see all the event's details. IT administrators in your company may also be able to see these events.

Event details for you and those with access, otherwise busy

This is the same as above, except using your default privacy settings in Google Calendar. This offers up the option to keep your events private from most people, but still visible to anyone you've shared calendar details with.

Note: because this option is rarely used, it is not offered as an option during initial signup. However, you can change it after signup in your Calendar Sync Settings.

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