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Auto-rescheduling settings for Tasks and Habits
Auto-rescheduling settings for Tasks and Habits

Learn how to control whether Reclaim will automatically reschedule Tasks and Habits when you haven't explicitly started or completed them.

Updated over a week ago

By default, Reclaim will assume that you've begun working on a Habit or Task event when it's scheduled. However, some people prefer to only have Habits and Tasks start when they manually start working on them, or to reopen Tasks automatically if they haven't confirmed that they've finished work on them.

This help doc will explain how to fine-tune your settings so that you can fit Reclaim's workflow for Tasks and Habits to your liking.

Starting Tasks + Habits manually vs. automatically

In your Reclaim Settings, you can opt to decide whether you want Tasks and Habits to start when they're scheduled (default) or whether you want to start them manually by using the Start action:

If you select Start Habits & Tasks when scheduled, then Reclaim will automatically start burning down time on a Habit or Task event when it's scheduled and mark it complete once the event is over. You can still reschedule it by deleting the event from the calendar or using the Reschedule action, but you will have to do so manually.

If you select Start Habits & Tasks manually, Reclaim will consider a Task or Habit event as not started throughout its duration until you manually hit Start. So for example, if an event is scheduled for a Habit from 1pm to 2pm, and at 1:30pm you hit Start, it will move the start time for the event to 1:30pm. If you do not hit Start, then once the event ends it will reschedule automatically to the next best time later in the day.

Which option should I use?

We originally built Reclaim with the intention of assuming Task and Habit work has begun once it's scheduled. But we recognize that some people have different workflows, and it's not always possible to keep an eye on your schedule throughout the day, which can make it easy to lose track of the stuff you didn't get done.

If you prefer to deal with rescheduling and "correcting the record" for Tasks and Habits after the fact – e.g., rescheduling a Task event that's in the past that you didn't do – then we recommend sticking with the default option. If you prefer to always have a "true" record of what you've done in the past by manually controlling when Habits and Tasks start, switch to the manual option.

Controls for Tasks that are done scheduling

Reclaim gives you options for how you want to resolve Tasks that are in the ‘Done scheduling’ state. You can learn more about how Reclaim organizes Tasks in the Task Filters help doc.

Set Tasks that are done scheduling to automatically reopen (reschedules the original time back onto your calendar) or close (mark as done) after a fixed number of days.

Note: if you have chosen to use the "Start Habits & Tasks manually" option, you will not see these settings.

By default, Tasks that are done scheduling are considered ‘open’ until you either manually add more time to the Task, or mark it as done. In other words — Reclaim has finished scheduling the time you said you needed to complete it, but is waiting for you to confirm if it got done or not.

For a more automated workflow, you can also set Tasks that are done scheduling to auto-reopen or auto-close, after a fixed number of days. You can access this via your Settings.

Manage settings for Tasks that are done scheduling

Set your preferences for what you want Reclaim to do with Tasks that are done scheduling:


You can manually add time to a Task so that it gets back on the calendar, or manually mark it done.

If you don't do either, the Task remains in Done scheduling state.

Add it back to my calendar for me until I mark it done

Reclaim reopens Task after set amount of days in Done scheduling state, and automatically reschedules the entire original Task time back onto your calendar.

For example: if a 3hr Task is done scheduling, but you don’t mark it as done in your set waiting period – Reclaim will automatically reopen the Task and block a new 3hrs for the event back onto your calendar.

Mark it done for me

Reclaim closes Task after set amount of days in Done scheduling state, and automatically marks it as done.

Set your wait duration

If you select an automated setting – specify how many days you want Reclaim to wait before completing the action after Tasks are done scheduling.

Note: Automated settings will apply to both existing and future Tasks that are in the Done Scheduling state.

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