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Decompression not appearing or overlaps with a Habit or Task
Decompression not appearing or overlaps with a Habit or Task

After a video call, you may find decompression time isn't blocked out or can even overlap with another Reclaim-created event.

Updated over a week ago

The key function of Decompression Time is to prevent back-to-back video calls being schedule. The purpose is not to give a true break, free from any other personal or work commitments—though sometimes that is what happens. Thus, there are two behaviors that may cause confusion.

Note: Currently there is no way to ensure Decompression Time always blocks out time independent from Reclaim Tasks and Habits.

Decompression time is not scheduled

The meeting "Daily Standup" has a Zoom link, so it should get a Decompression Time block. However, because there is another meeting already scheduled right after, Reclaim chose not to schedule Decompression Time because you're already committed to that event. If the following meeting were moved or declined, the Decompression Time will then get scheduled.

Decompression Time overlaps with a Habit or Task event.

Reclaim is aggressively trying to block out time after the Biweekly Demo with Decompression Time. It also recognizes that the user wished for two hours of Afternoon Coding (a Habit). Reclaim has made the decision that the Habit still has some flexibility in the schedule, so it is tentatively scheduled as Free—meaning it might move again (See here for more info).

Should those two hours become the last available time of the day, Reclaim will recognize the job of preventing back-to-back video calls has been successful and the time is no longer needed. Thus, Reclaim will flip Afternoon Coding to Busy and remove the Decompression Time.

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