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Customizing and Sharing Scheduling Links
What your attendees see when you share a Scheduling Link with them
What your attendees see when you share a Scheduling Link with them

How to send Scheduling Links to others, and how they show up to your attendees.

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Once you've created a Scheduling Link, you can send it to anyone by copying the link and sharing it in your forum of choice. Scheduling Links can be sent to and used by anyone, regardless of whether they're a Reclaim user.

Flexible meeting durations

You can add up to three different durations to a single meeting link from the edits page of your individual Scheduling Links. Included durations will be displayed at the top of your booking page for your invitee to choose from.

Toggling meeting duration options will pull up your availability depending on their selection, allowing invitees to compromise on how long they need/when they can get in with you.

Time zone & time format picker

Attendees can view booking time slots in different time zones as well as time format. Clicking the timezone picker will drop-down time zone options and display a toggle to change the time format of available time slots.

Time format

Use this to toggle presentation of times between a 12h or 24h format.

Time zone

You can search through a list of timezones as well as select a different one that you'd like available times presented in.

If the selected time zone is different from your actual browser time zone or your Google Calendar's timezone, the actual timezone will be presented at the top of the list to help you compare between the selected timezone and your current one.


In the edits page of your individual Scheduling Links, you can specify 'Location' options for your link. These can include video-conferencing platforms like Zoom or Google Meet, custom call URLs, or a physical location for on-site meetings. Your invitee can choose from these options when scheduling their meeting with you.

The location will be included in the event details when scheduled.

Preferred times

Reclaim will automatically suggest times to attendees that are entirely free and clear of events. These times are denoted with a green dot.

For example, if you have a Habit, Task, or Smart 1:1 scheduled on your calendar, it won't show as a preferred time to attendees. This encourages attendees to not book over times that are reserved for work or your other priorities.

Sharing Scheduling Links with other Reclaim users

If your invitee is also a Reclaim user, they can see their own calendar to compare against your availability to find the best time to meet. Toggling on 'Compare my availability' will show their calendar when scheduling time through your meeting link.

Note: This is only visibly to the Reclaim user while booking a meeting with you through your link. Your calendar as the organizer will never show to invitees using your Scheduling Links.

Meeting details

Once attendees have selected a date and time on the Scheduling Link and hits Next, they will be presented with a form to fill out their name, email, CC others to the meeting, as well as add a meeting description that will be added to the calendar event for the meeting.

This is also where your optional screening questions will be displayed to gather additional information you might need before scheduling a meeting.

Confirmation page & redirect URLs

Once an attendee hits Confirm after filling out all required, they will be navigated to a confirmation page highlighting all of the meeting details. From the confirmation page, they have the option to Reschedule or Cancel the meeting that was just scheduled. (They can also reschedule or cancel the meeting directly from links in the event description in the calendar.)

If you added a custom redirect URL to your Scheduling Link, invitees will be automatically navigated to the specified landing page 7 seconds after booking their meeting with you.

Confirmation emails

Organizers and attendees will receive an email from Reclaim when meetings are created, updated, or deleted.

Personalizing and sharing times from links

For specific instances where you want to adjust meeting details without creating a whole new Scheduling Link, you can generate a one off link and/or share times from any of your existing Scheduling Links that automatically expire after 30 days. Learn more about creating custom links in this doc.

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