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Creating custom one-off Scheduling Links
Creating custom one-off Scheduling Links
Learn how to send one-off custom Scheduling Links for specific meeting instances.
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You might run into instances where you want to adjust specific meeting details without creating a whole new Scheduling Link.

Custom links allow you to create a customized link for a one-time meeting, that isn't added to your main booking pages or saved in your Scheduling Links interface.

Why send a one-off custom link?

There are several reasons you might choose to send a custom link:

  • You may not want the other person to book time sooner than a certain date

  • You might want to include another organizer for that instance

  • You may want to include some text to prevent the perception of 'rudeness'

  • You may want to customize the link and title to personalize the meeting

  • You may not want to share your main Scheduling Link for privacy reasons

Sending a custom link allows you to make one-time adjustments to a Scheduling Link's details, so you always have the perfect link for any meeting.

How to create a custom Scheduling Link

Custom links can be created from any of your existing Scheduling Links. Simply click the arrow icon on any of your existing Scheduling Link cards to generate a custom link.

This will open up a custom link edit form.

Here you you can edit the:

  • Title

  • Priority

  • Soonest scheduling time

  • Organizers (team members) and Hours

  • Duration

  • Meeting link URL

  • Latest scheduling time

  • Locations

  • Reminder email settings

Note: Edits made for custom links will not apply to the main Scheduling Link.

Once you've made necessary changes, click Create custom link to generate your one-off Scheduling Link.

Here you can review details, go back in to make edits, open the one-off booking page, and copy the custom link to share -- just as you would with your main Scheduling Links (learn more about sending Scheduling Links to other here).

Note that you will not be able to redirect to your custom link page once you exit this view. Custom links are meant for one-time use, and will not be added to your booking pages or saved in your Scheduling Links list. Custom links automatically expire after 30 days.

Create custom links from Google Calendar and Gmail

You can also send custom links from in Google Calendar or Gmail with the free Reclaim add-on. Learn more about using Scheduling Links with the Google Workspace add-on here.

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