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Sending and customizing Scheduling Links from Google Calendar and Gmail
Sending and customizing Scheduling Links from Google Calendar and Gmail

Using Reclaim's powerful add-on for Gmail and Google Calendar to copy, share, and customize scheduling links directly in email.

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Perhaps the most common use case for Scheduling Links is to send them in email in order to get a meeting booked.

You can copy your links directly from the Scheduling Links page to share them with others, but a much more convenient and powerful way to do the job is to install the free Reclaim add-on to leverage Scheduling Links directly from Gmail and Google Calendar.

Reclaim add-on for Google Calendar & Gmail

Once you install the Reclaim add-on you will be able to view and copy your Scheduling Links by clicking the Reclaim icon in the right-hand sidebar in Google Calendar and Gmail, as well as in the bottom menu bar in the Gmail composer.

You can even customize any existing link and/or share times to send for a specific meeting you want to get booked to ensure your attendees are getting a personalized experience.

For more information on installing and getting started with the add-on, check out this doc.

How to share Scheduling Links from Google Calendar

Once you have the Google add-on installed, you'll see a Reclaim icon in the sidebar of the Google Calendar view.

Click the icon to expand the add-on with an overview of all your Reclaim smart events. At the top you'll find a button for Scheduling Links, which pulls up a list of all your existing links.

From here, you have two options to conveniently share your Scheduling Links without leaving Google Calendar:

  • Copy URL: Copy the Scheduling Link URL to your clipboard for easy sharing.

  • Personalize & share: Create a custom one-off link and/or share available times for your links to book a specific meeting (learn more about personalizing and sharing links here).

How to share Scheduling Links from Gmail

Installing the Reclaim Google Workspace add-on will also automatically enable it to your Gmail account.

In your Gmail inbox you'll see the add-on Reclaim icon in the sidebar - just like in Google Calendar - which you can click to pull up all your Scheduling Links for quick and easy sharing with the same options seen in Google Calendar.

Options for adding Scheduling Links to Gmail emails

The Reclaim add-on enables a powerful workflow for conveniently sharing Scheduling Links and custom links directly via email to get your meetings booked.

When writing a new email in the Gmail composer, you will find the same Reclaim icon in the bottom toolbar. You can click this icon to pull up all your existing Scheduling Links for quick sharing options.

Note: the Reclaim add-on might be hidden behind a ... menu if you have a lot of other add-ons installed already.

Copy URL

Copy the Scheduling Link URL to your clipboard using the Copy URL button so you can paste a meeting link to an email or message.

Personalize & share

Select Personalize & share to send a one-off link with custom settings for a specific meeting instance, and even share select available times for that meeting link (learn more about personalizing and sharing custom one-off links in this doc).

When selecting Personalize & share from Gmail, you will also have the option to automatically insert the sharable times into your email along with your message template. This button will appear when you select times and preview them – you can either select Copy times to paste them elsewhere, or Insert to add them to the email directly.

Add to email

You can also select Add to email to automatically paste the URL with a message (as set in that Scheduling Link's settings) right into your email draft.

Sharing Scheduling Links from the Gmail mobile app

You can also access the Gmail add-on for Reclaim from the Gmail mobile app, and use it to insert links and share times.

To get started, tap the ... when replying to any email via the Gmail mobile app

You'll see a set of options appear. Tap Insert from Reclaim.

Once you tap that option, you'll get your list of links with options to copy the URL, add it to an email, or personalize the link / share times:

To add the link to the email draft, just tap Add to email and it will automatically insert into the body of the message.

For personalizing links and sharing times, tap Personalize & share. When prompted, select Default browser app.

You will then be redirected to your default browser app, where you can select times and personalize your link. When you're done, select Add times to email and you will see a message indicating that you can close the browser window.

Head back to the Gmail app, and you should see an option appear to Insert times into email:

Then your times will appear in the body of the email:

Note: if you return to the Gmail app and your draft has closed, simply press the ... option again and you should see the Insert times into email option appear.

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