Install Reclaim's Google Calendar add-on
How to install the Reclaim Google Calendar add-on
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Reclaim's Google Workspace Marketplace page

You can navigate to Reclaim's Google Workspace Marketplace page in multiple ways.


From Google Calendar

  1. Expand the side panel

  2. Click the + icon labeled Get Add-ons

  3. Search for Reclaim in the Marketplace

Install the Google Calendar add-on

From Reclaim's Google Workspace Marketplace page, click the Install button.

The Get ready to install module will appear. Click Continue.

A browser pop-up will appear prompting you to select the email address associated with your Reclaim account.

You will be authenticated and reverted back to the Marketplace screen with a module confirming the add-on has been installed. Click Done to close the module.

Once you close out of the Google Workspace Marketplace, you will see the icon in the right side panel. Click the icon to expand the Reclaim panel.

Click Authorize access to connect your Reclaim account.

Select your email address associated with your account.

Click Allow to give access to run as a Calendar add-on.

And you're done! The Calendar add-on panel will update showing you your Habits and Tasks.

What if you don't have a Reclaim account?

If you have not yet created an account with Reclaim, go through the normal installation process. Once you click Allow to give access to run as a Calendar add-on (last step), the add-on panel will display a Log in or Sign up page.

When you click either Log in or Sign up, a browser pop-up will appear taking you through Reclaim's authentication process to create a new Reclaim account.

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