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Creating and managing Team Links
Creating and managing Team Links

You can use Reclaim's Scheduling Links feature to book time across your teammates' calendars and preferences.

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A common use case for Scheduling Links is to surface up the availability of multiple members of your team. You can use Reclaim to automatically pull together your teammates' calendars into a link that will enable attendees to find time across your schedules.

Creating a Team Link

Creating a Team Link is the same thing as creating any other Scheduling Link in Reclaim, except you're adding people to it.

Click the New Scheduling Link button to create a link from the Scheduling Links page, and fill in the title, group, description, and calendar event title information you'd like. Then, you'll see a section called Meeting organizers where you can add other teammates.

Once you've added a teammate to a Team Link, you can select which hours you'd like the link to schedule around for them.

You can select from any of their Scheduling Hours, or select a custom range if you know their specific preferences. Don't worry about getting it perfect; any co-organizer you've added to the Team Link can go back and edit their own preferences in the future.

Once you're done, save the link and you'll have a Team Link that will show availability across both organizers. They will also be added to any meetings scheduled via that link.

Who can I add to my Team Links?

You can only add members of your Reclaim team to your Team Links. If the user isn't in your Reclaim team, you can invite them by clicking the Add team member button in the team member dropdown:

Who can see and edit Team Links?

Any co-organizer that you've added to a Team Link will be able to see, copy, and edit the link from their Reclaim account. However, they cannot modify the group that the link is to prevent the link from accidentally breaking. Co-organizers will see this message if they are viewing a Team Link that they're not the main organizer of:

How do high-priority Team Links work?

High-priority links are a great way to surface up your maximum availability to prospective attendees by automatically treating all your Habits, Tasks, Smart 1:1s and Decompression Time as available, even if it's marked as busy.

In Team Links, selecting the "High Priority" option will automatically look across all teammates' calendars and treat their Tasks, Habits, Smart 1:1s, and Decompression Time as available as well.

This is especially useful when you're trying to book across a lot of busy people in your team. High-priority Team Links shorten the time needed to negotiate which tradeoffs people need to make on their calendars.

How do preferred times work with Team Links?

Preferred times are shown to attendees who view your booking page with a green dot next to them, as shown below. Preferred times denote any area on the calendar that is completely unoccupied by events, even if they are marked as free.

In Team Links, preferred times will automatically check all calendars of the co-organizers to ensure that it's surfacing up a preferred time for everyone.

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