Reclaim can detect videoconferences on your calendar and automatically add smart, adaptive time blocks after them so you have time to take a break.

Turn on Decompression Time by going to Settings > General and flip the toggle to on:

More settings will expand below that allows you to:

  • Modify the default duration for Decompression Time

  • Control how it appears on your calendar.

  • Customize the title and decide whether you want that title to appear to others, or if you just want it to show as Busy

Manage Decompression Time through Slack

You can adjust the length of Decompression Time on a per-event basis through the Reclaim Slack integration

When Decompression Time is added, you'll get a notification in Slack that will allow you to adjust the duration of the Decompression Time block by giving you options through a dropdown menu.

Decompression Time will automatically adjust the duration of the block or remove it entirely if it gets booked over by another event on your calendar.

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