Use Scheduling Links via Raycast

Learn how to copy your Scheduling Links and create custom one-off links right from your Mac desktop.

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Once you have the Reclaim extension for Raycast installed (learn how to get set up here), you can get quick access to all your Scheduling Links and generate custom one-off links to send for specific instances right from your desktop.

Reclaim 'Scheduling Links' command in Raycast

  1. Open Raycast on your desktop (⌥ Space).

  2. Search for "Reclaim" to pull up commands.

  3. Click the 'Scheduling Link' command to pull up your links.

From here, you can view your Scheduling Links and view its details like Hours, Organizers, and Duration.

Copy a Scheduling Link from Raycast

  1. Select the Scheduling Link you want to copy from the list in the left hand side.

  2. Click Copy Link to Clipboard (or Enter) to grab the Scheduling Link for quick sharing.

Create a custom one-off link from Raycast

You can also generate one-off links from your existing Scheduling Links that expire after 30 days (learn more about custom one-off Scheduling Links in this doc).

  1. Select the Scheduling Link you want to create a one-off link from the list in the left hand side.

  2. Click Actions (or ⌘ K) and select 'Create One Off Link'.

  3. This will automatically open up the custom link form in the Reclaim app for you to make changes to specific meeting details and copy your one-off meeting link.

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