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Overview: Raycast extension for
Overview: Raycast extension for

Use the extension for Raycast to add Reclaim to leverage smart scheduling features right from your Mac desktop.

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Raycast is a command launcher similar to Spotlight for Mac users. With the extension you can quickly create new Tasks, grab your Scheduling Links, and add an overview of your smart schedule right to your Mac's menu bar to see upcoming events, start or complete Tasks and Habits, and instantly join meetings.

Requirements for using the Raycast extension

  • You must have a Raycast installed on your Mac. (Note: Raycast is free, but currently only available for Mac users)

  • You must have a Reclaim account with a calendar connected.

Set up the Reclaim extension for Raycast

  1. Download Raycast on your Mac.

  2. Install the Reclaim extension from the Store in the Raycast app, or online here.

  3. Generate your API Key:

    1. Enter a name (ex. Raycast) & set the expiration lifetime (we recommend using the default "Forever" to avoid having to regenerate your API key).

    2. Click the Generate key button.

  4. Copy the generated key (it will look something like: 123456789-abcd-12345678).

  5. Open Raycast on your desktop (⌥ Space).

  6. Validate your API key:

    • Search for 'Reclaim' & click on any Reclaim command to paste your API key when prompted.


  • Search for 'Extensions' to navigate to your Raycast Preferences, click on Reclaim in the list, and paste your API key in the right hand panel.

How to use the Reclaim extension

Once set up, you can use the Reclaim extension via Raycast to view your upcoming schedule and meetings, and leverage smart features like Tasks and Scheduling Links right from your desktop.

Open Raycast on your desktop by clicking the icon in the command menu bar, or via keyboard shortcut using ⌥ Space. Search for "Reclaim" to pull up available commands.

Reclaim Raycast commands

  • Calendar Menu Bar: Show upcoming events and notifications in the command bar, join meetings, and start/stop active Tasks and Habits. (Learn more about enabling Calendar Menu Bar command in this doc.)

  • Quick Task: Create a new Task from a written format. (Learn more about creating Tasks with the Raycast extension in this doc.)

  • Create Task: Create a new Task from the standard Task form and auto-schedule it to your calendar.

  • My Calendar: See your upcoming calendar events, whether they are currently marked as 'Free'/'Busy', start/stop active smart events, and join meetings directly from your desktop.

  • Scheduling Links: Access your existing Scheduling Links to quickly copy and share to get meetings booked, and create custom links. (Learn more about using Scheduling Links in the Raycast extension in this doc.)

Update your API key

If you need to generate a new an API key for the Reclaim extension:

  1. Click the ↻ icon to the right of your key to reissue a new API key.

  2. Open Raycast & go to Settings ⌘ ,

  3. Click the Extensions tab.

  4. Find Reclaim in your list of Extensions and click on it.

  5. On the right, paste your new API key into the API key field.

Uninstall the Reclaim extension for Raycast

To uninstall the Reclaim extension for Raycast:

  1. Navigate to your Raycast Preferences by either:

    1. Clicking the Raycast icon in the menu bar and selecting Preferences... and opening the 'Extensions' tab.

    2. Right-clicking any Reclaim command in Raycast and selecting Configure Extension.

  2. Find Reclaim in your list of extensions and right-click it.

  3. Click Uninstall.

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