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Using Link Groups to organize and share your links
Using Link Groups to organize and share your links

How to set up Link Groups, add Scheduling Link to them, and use them to organize your booking pages.

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Link Groups allow you to set up other booking pages where you can share a subset of your Scheduling Links. For example, you might be an engineering team who wants to share a single page that contains all of your Scheduling Links that candidates would need for an interview process. You can use Link Groups to set up a page that contains all of those Scheduling Links.

Types of Link Groups in Reclaim

In addition to any Link Groups you create in Reclaim, there are several default groups that Reclaim automatically creates and populates. You may not see all of these groups unless you have links in them:

  • Main Booking Page: this is the group that you set up during onboarding, and is created automatically when you set up Scheduling Links.

  • Hidden Links: this contains any links you've hidden from your booking pages. They can be copied and sent, but they won't appear on any of your other Link Groups.

  • Team Links: this contains any links where you've been added as a co-organizer.

Setting up a Link Group and adding links to it

You can set up a Link Group by clicking the Group button in the Scheduling Links page.

Once here, you'll be prompted to name the group as well as decide on a unique URL for it. By default, Reclaim will auto-populate the URL based on your title. You can also select Scheduling Links to add to the group:

Once you've added the links you want, click Create group and Reclaim will stand up a page with the links you specified.
When setting up a new Scheduling Link, you can specify which Link Group you'd like it to belong to:

Editing and deleting Link Groups

You can edit any link group by hovering over its title and clicking the edit pencil:

From here, you can modify the title, URL, or links within the group. If you move a link to another group, or if you update the URL of a group, any existing links you've sent out for those links or groups will no longer work.

You can also delete the group if you're no longer using it. Reclaim will present you with two options for what to do with the links within the group. You can either opt to move the existing links in the group to another group, or delete the group and all of its links.

Sharing a Link Group's booking page

To share a Link Group with someone else, you can copy its URL from the Scheduling Links page:

From here, you can paste the link anywhere you'd like to share the link group. Attendees will be shown any links that are in the group and can choose which one they'd like to use to book time with you.

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